Industrial Control & Instrumentation Displays

Industrial control systems and instrumentation are often used in very challenging environments and need to be extremely robust and reliable. In a landscape this diverse, you need a design partner who understands the unique needs of your market.

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When reliability & robustness is key

Our industrial display and embedded systems are designed with the environment in mind. From extremely hot or cold temperatures, water or steam, through to risk of vandalism, we can help you with your industrial equipment design challenges.

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Common questions from our industrial customers

How can I achieve optimal display readability?

Display readability is critical for industrial devices, especially when integrated in large process control equipment with operators reading the display from acute angles. Choosing the most suitable colour or monochrome display technology to achieve the optimum readability is key. Backlight enhancement or the adoption of a specific filter can also reduce glare and reflection.

Display Technology Backlight options

How can I ensure an optimal industrial touch design in diverse situations?

Industrial display designs are inevitably exposed to damaging external forces (steam, fluids, vibration). They can often be operated using gloved hands, thereby affecting the display and touchscreen performance. We can help you ensure seamless touchscreen functionality regardless of these problems.

Touch Optimisation

How can I increase mechanical strength of my product's display?

Industrial instrumentation may require a high level of resistance from external hazards including vandalism and encironmental extremes. As well as enhanced glass strength and thickness options, mechanical strength can be vastly improved with optical bonding, which also improves the appearance and readability.

Optical Bonding

How can I ensure my industrial display is immune from EMC noise?

EMI levels within a factory environment can be very high, with industrial machinery itself proving a significant source of interference. EMI shielding as well as optimum selection of the IC itself can be carried out by our engineers to ensure a comprehensive EMI immune design.

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How can I avoid display malfunction when it is exposed to heat?

Industrial instrumentation is often exposed to UV and IR radiation found in outdoor environments, causing damage such as display discolouration and heat build-up. We can reduce this damage by applying coatings such as Ultraviolet Protection and Infrared protection filters.

Glass Coating and Filters

How can I ensure a reliable and fast industrial embedded system?

Industrial automation systems often require quick response time to preserve continuity of industrial operations. We can guide you though the optimum CPU system ensuring fast processing performance and 24/7 functionality. Real time monitoring is also critical in modern smart industrial equipment, requiring optimised I/O functionality including WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G or 4G data communication protocol.

Hardware Optimisation

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