Building a Rapid Proof of Concept


Jan 26, 2023

Skills shortages and supply-chain issues are challenging companies large and small engaged in new product development. Turning great ideas into real high-tech products is tougher than it has ever been.

Building a proof of concept is the most fundamental stage of a project and one that can take weeks of engineering work and financial investment, yet success is not guaranteed. Today’s embedded projects encompass a multitude of specialist technologies – like communications, embedded expertise, and user-interface design - each demanding deep subject knowledge to implement properly. 

Our rapid evaluation service helps solve these challenges. It applies our in-house skills to minimise risks and quickly solve the technical challenges that can add delays and potentially even halt the project before it has properly begun. 

  • Best design practice
  • Component selection
  • Cost effective design
  • Reliability
  • Meeting market expectations
rapid evaluation solutions from Anders

When designing an embedded system, identifying erroneous hardware and software choices early in the project, that may otherwise only be discovered much later during the development stage, can have a profound impact on overall development cost, manufacturability, up scaling and future upgrades. Our awareness of potential pitfalls, which comes through delivering hundreds of embedded-systems and user-interface projects, can help avoid design errors and engineering blind alleys creeping into the end product that take time to fix and incur extra costs. These can include electrical compliancy, product approvals and power saving requirements. A deep understanding of the interactions between the display and system helps determine the right processor, display type and interface options to choose.

How we can help you get started quicker

To help customers get started, we have produced a set of HMI evaluation kits that save engineers learning how to drive the display before they can do anything else, and so shorten the time to that first “Hello World”.

These kits are based on various i.MX8 and Intel embedded boards and combine with various displays that have HDMI and USB connections. With plug-and-play convenience that requires no additional setup, they are easy to use anywhere including a work-from-home setting.

While USB and HDMI provide the quickest and most convenient connection for evaluation, the final product may rely on a more typical embedded interface standard such as LVDS. The evaluation kits give the project a jump-start by allowing the application and user-interface software design to begin straight away unimpeded by display-integration challenges.


imx8 HMI Development Kits

Watch out for our forthcoming white paper on display interfaces providing more information about how to integrate displays and embedded boards for various applications.

If you would like to order a development kit or would like more information, please contact us below and we will be happy to help.