Utility & Smart Metering Displays

The once simple world of energy consumption has ever increasing user expectation of smart management through internet connectivity. Let us help you develop a display and embedded solution truly fit for purpose.

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When reliability and connectivity are key

Our metering display and embedded systems are designed with the user in mind. Working with you to understand the needs of your customers, we can help you achieve an innovative display and embedded design fit for increasingly demanding user expectations.

Metering Case study

Discover how we've helped a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential metering systems solutions that collects and smartly displays energy usage information for the end users, using a wireless connection.

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Common questions from our Metering customers

Which display technology is best for my metering product?

Utility and Smart Metering devices may be exposed to either very bright or dark light conditions, especially when installed outdoors. We can help you select the most suitable colour or monochrome display technology for optimum readability even in the most challenging environment.

Technology Selection

How can I make my metering display readable in adverse situations?

The display alone may not provide the high clarity and viewability you desire, so we can guide you through additional optimisation, including backlight enhancement or the adoption of specific filters to reduce glare and reflection using our coverlens service.

Films and Filters

How can I achieve high thermal management on my metering display? 

Temperature fluctuations can adversely affect operation of your metering device. We offer display and embedded components that can cope with wide operating temperature range from -30°C to +80°C to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

Extended temperature displays

Is EMC important for Metering Devices?

Where your meter is situated will effect Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) levels. We can help you select the right components for your display and embedded design that will ensure a higher immunity to EMI.

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How can I ensure my metering device is IOT ready?

Reliable data collection and real time monitoring is what smart metering devices are all about. Transferring valuable data out of the home and into the cloud requires CPUs with specific I/O functionality including WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G or 4G data communication protocol – read more about our motherboard customisation services.

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I want to upgrade my users' experience to colour displays.

Metering devices often use segment or alphanumeric displays and are driven by small microcontrollers. But if a more enhanced user experience is needed using a colourful graphic display, we can help you manage the various embedded design trade-offs, using high-quality development tools and our experience in coding sophisticated GUIs.

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