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Take your design to the next level with our range of monochrome LCD displays, colour OLED & TFT LCD display solutions, with our without touch, fully customisable to your system requirements.

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Display Solutions Perfect for your Design

TFT Displays

Highly versatile TFT displays include IPS-TFT for superior viewing and high contrast. Our range of TFT displays are available with or without touch and in a range of shapes and sizes including circular and square.

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OLED Displays

For sleek design, high contrast and wide viewing angles, OLED displays can elevate your product design to the next level. Available in both Active Matric (AMOLED) and Passive Matrix (PMOLED) and customisable to your requirements.

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E-Paper Displays

For a low cost, and extreely low power solution that looks crystal clear, why not choose e-Paper displays with wide viewing angles, which can hold an image on the display without power.

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Monochrome Displays

Monochrome displays are continually evolving. Choose from our extensive portfolio of new and established technologies, from STN/FSTN LCD to Vertical Alignment.

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Driving Your Display

Ensuring your display operates perfectly within your system

Here at Anders we don't just strive to design a best in class display solution for your product, but we also want to make sure the display is driven with the right embedded system. We can help achieve a hardware solution that ensures your display works perfectly within your application. Hardware solutions include:

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Display Design Services

Customisation Services

Turning your concepts to reality with our product customisation, including optimum display technology selection, a bespoke display coverlens style and backlight design.

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Integration Services

Ensuring your product is optimised for your application. From embedded board design including custom I/O, shape and size, through to software integration and mechanical integration.

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Innovative Display Shapes

Circular Displays

Choosing a circular display for your next product design could really set you apart from your competition. Models are available from 1" to 4.2" in TFT, PMOLED and AMOLED, we have something to suit every application.

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Letterbox Displays

It is now possible to transform from a monochrome display to a colour display in space constrained systems by using a letterbox shaped display. These ultra-wide displays are ideal for applications with restricted build height such as rack mount systems or landscape format front panels.

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Plug-and-play Display Solutions

HMI Development Kits

Get quickly started on your new user interface with our HMI Development Kits. The display, the processor and the OS work together out of the box with optimised QT GUI images. We'll then optimise the kit to meet exactly your system requirements with our design services.

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HDMI Displays 

Our range of HDMI displays is available in size from 5'' to 23'' and offers a a quicker solution to take and test your product idea in the market.

HDMI displays cut down the time it takes from concept to commerce, one of the main drivers in the electronic industry.

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Making an impact

At Anders we understand that no two customers are the same, which is why we specialise in custom display solutions and offer unique products tailored to your end application.

  • Custom Cover Glass
  • Optical Bonding
  • Films and filters
  • Touchscreen
  • Backlight enhancements
  • Bespoke Embedded Drivers
  • Software Optimisation
  • Mechanical Integration
Our Design Services

Let's get started on your project

We aim to offer reliable and long-term solutions to our B2B customers. If you are a business and would like to discuss your display and/or embedded system requirements please contact us below

Display Solutions Glossary & FAQs

IPS – In Plane Switching

In-Plane Switching (IPS) is a display technology that overcomes the viewing limitations of conventional TFT-LCDs. It is also known as Super TFT.

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STN – Super Twisted Nematic

A type of passive matrix monochrome liquid crystal display, providing better viewing angles and performance than a TN display

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TFT – Thin Film Transistor

A TFT display is a form of Liquid Crystal Display with thin film transistors for controlling the image formation. The TFT technology works by controlling brightness in red, green and blue sub-pixels through transistors for each pixel on the screen.

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VA - Vertical Alignment

A type of LCD in which the liquid crystals naturally align vertically to the glass substrates.

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IPS vs MVA: which is the best performing display?

There are many display technologies, but do you know which one would be better for your application? Particularly when considering optimum viewing angle and contrast. We discuss 2 of the best options.

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IPS vs TFT: which technology is best for my industrial product design?

Compare IPS vs TFT displays - the TFT display is the display of choice for industrial designs, but it can have its limitations. A newer technology called IPS (in plane switching) offers better viewing angles and colours, but is it really the best choice - we discuss benefits and negatives of both types of TFT display.

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PCAP – Projected Capacitive Touch panel

A layer of glass with a matrix of conuctive elements behind that when pressed with another conductive input (ie human finger) registers a touchpoint..

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Resistive Touch

A resistive touchscreen works on a number of layers and when the layers are pressed together, a touchpoint is registered.

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