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The coverlens is the most immediately visible part of your user interface. From the very first glance, it sends a powerful message about the associated product or services. It has to be so much more than merely functional: it must convey brand values; it must invite interaction, and it must be reliable, clean, and retain its appearance over time, whatever the operating environment throws at it.

Coverlens design presents a wealth of opportunities to enhance the style and performance of your product. Discover our vast range of options and get in touch to discuss your concept ideas.

How can you customise your coverlens

  • Material: Choose glass or PPMA with glass thickness up to 10mm
  • Ruggedness: Chemically strengthened or toughened glass for harsh environments
  • Dimensions: Oversized coverlens to extend functionality
  • Shape: Different shapes including curves and cut-outs
  • Icons styling: From logos to functional icons which can be permanently visible or hidden until lit 
  • Readability: Optical bonding for better viewing and durability
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Custom Shapes and Cut-Outs

Manufacturing processes continue to improve, enabling accurate laser cutting and smoother surface finishes

  • Bespoke shapes to match enclosures
  • Cut-outs in the coverglass for cameras, sensors and dials
  • Extended or oversized coverglass for printing or additional touch

Logo and Icon Printing

Anything can be printed onto your coverglass, from a company logo to functional icons, making your HMI stand out from the rest.

  • Brand identity with full colour logo printing
  • Icons can be visible or hidden-until-lit
  • Affordable solution with maximum impact

Hidden Til Lit Icons

To produce imaginative effects, concealed icons can be used and only made visible when the related feature is activated.

  • Sleek and stylish appearance
  • Uncluttered user interface - only icons in use are shown
  • Different coloured LEDs can be used to differentiate features

Spot Facing and Touch Bumps

Add a new dimension to a touch panel through engraved or raised surfaces, leading to a more tactile feel.

  • Gives a tactile feel to touch controls
  • A good touch option for the visually impaired
  • Etched logos without compromising the glass

Mirrored Glass

Provide an elegant display with a reflective surface when not in use, but clear visual experience when activated.

  • Luxury look and feel to user interfaces – ideal for high end home appliances and home fitness 
  • Hidden until operated display
  • Backlight tuned for optimum clarity.

Tinted Glass

An extremely stylish finish which disguies the viewing area when the display is not activated - perfect for home appliances, kiosks and charging stations.

  • Display appears completely black when switched off
  • Stylish, modern look and feel to any device
  • Backlight tuned for optimum clarity.

Oversized Coverglass

Extendng the coverlens beyond the display enables additional functionality and larger panel look.

  • Allows for additional touch functionality
  • Add peripherals such as RF sensors for point of payment
  • Extra space for logos and printing

Bevelled Edges

Bevelled edge glass not only looks sleek but has added safety benefits.

  • Sleek stylish finish to glass edges
  • Smooth edges less likely to chip when dropped
  • Different shape finishes available

3D Coverglass

It is possible to achieve three-dimensional shapes such as a convex circular display

  • A different dimension to your coverglass
  • Achieved using glass, polycarbonate or acrylic (PMMA)
  • Touch functionality possible

Films and Filters

Visual experience is paramount and can be affected by glare, reflection and screen dirt.Films and filters can not only help with readability but can also proect from harmful bacteria. Options include:

  • Anti-Reflective (AR) filter
  • Anti-Glare (AG) filter
  • Anti-Fingerprint (AF) film
  • IR/UV films
  • Anti-bacterial protection

Glass Strength and Glass Alternatives

Products needing more roust solutions to protect against damage will benefit from our glass strengthening solutions. Alternatively we offer glass alternatives such as Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and Polycarbonate (PC) with high clarity and added safety benefits.

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Optical Bonding

Imrpoves the readability of your display by filling the air gaps between the coverlens, sensor and display with a clear adhesive, resulting in dramatcally reduced reflections.

  • Improved readability in sunlight or brightly lit environments
  • Prevents condensation or fog on the display
  • Increased durability of the display
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