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When safety and reliability are key

Our marine and display and embedded systems are designed with the environment in mind. From sunlight readability to thermal management, here at Anders we know all too well how tough the marine environment can be for electronic designs and we've gained a wealth of experience in solving these challenges.

Marine Case Study

Discover how we've helped a leading manufacturer of marine vessels with the challenge of delivering a full sunlight readable display solution with high Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) immunity for a marine navigation system to integrate in their boats.

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Challenges faced by our Marine Customers

How can I ensure my display is readable in adverse conditions?

Bright sunlight on a display creates reflections, obscuring the contents of the screen even when viewed almost front on. Optical Bonding between the cover glass and the display improves the appearance and readability of the display by eliminating internal reflections.

Optical Bonding

How can I ensure optimum display brightness in any condition?

We can increase the brightness of your display system to make sure it is easy to read in very bright conditions. Readability can also be improved by applying specific films including o-film, which typically gives you an additional 10 degrees of viewability in any direction.

Backlight customisation

How can I reduce the risks associated with heating on display performance? 

Thermal management is a critical design factor for marine electronic devices as they are exposed to extremes of heat and cold. Fitting an IR filter overlay into your display design and using UV glues are always good measures to take, to reduce heating from the sun and prevent discolouration.

Films and Filters

How can I ensure touch performances are not affected by external forces?

Marine display designs are often exposed to sea water or rain. This may affect the touchscreen performance generating false touches. We can help you ensure the touchscreen delivers the best performance for its intended application.

Touch Optimisation

How can I ensure my display is immune to EMI?

Immunity to high levels of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is a common challenge to overcome in Marine designs due to the large number of electronic systems in a confined space. Component choice is crucial. Optimum selection of IC and firmware tuning regardless of display glass thickness, as well as EMI shielding can be carried out by our engineers to provide EMI immunity.

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