Supercharging Vision AI with Fitlet3 and Hailo-8


by Sakshi

Oct 17, 2023

In the ever-evolving realm of AI, high performance and speed are paramount. If you're seeking a game-changing solution that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, your search ends here with the Fitlet3 equipped with the Hailo-8 TM AI Accelerator Module.

Unleashing the Power of Fitlet3

Fitlet3 stands as a formidable Industrial IoT Gateway PC, boasting an Intel Atom Elkhart Lake processor tailored for industrial automation, edge AI computing, and IoT applications. 

This versatile platform can be paired with up to two Hailo-8™ AI accelerators, supercharging edge devices to run deep learning applications with unprecedented efficiency, up to 52 TOPS.

Meet Hailo-8: The AI Powerhouse

At the heart of this powerhouse lies the Hailo-8TM AI processor, which, unlike traditional CPUs and GPUs with their power-hungry nature, throughput bottlenecks, and hefty memory usage, is extremely power efficient.

Its meticulously crafted for any AI deployment starting from entry-level applications such as video analytics, surveillance and basic robotics control, up to high-performance multi-stream, multi-task applications. The Hailo-8TM edge AI accelerators enable up to 13-208 TOPS of processing power and is compatible with a wide range of products. 

It excels at:

  • Handling multiple streams simultaneously.
  • Ensuring smooth real-time processing.
  • Efficiently encoding and decoding data.
  • Lower latency for instant responses.
  • Lower streaming bandwidth to optimise data transfer.
  • Rapid data access and storage.
  • Making data secure and its retrieval simple.
  • Supporting multiple high-resolution displays.

Customisation Made Easy:

Fitlet 3 offers extended connectivity options, industrial interfaces, advanced storage, and media capabilities. Tailoring it to your specific needs is a breeze with the diverse range of FACETs (Function and Connectivity T-cards) available. It's built to endure harsh conditions with an impressive temperature range of -40°C to 85°C and a wide input voltage range of 7V to 42V, all within a rugged, fanless aluminium design.

facte card options for fitlet3 for extended connectivity

This versatile platform can flex its muscles across various AI applications. Imagine unleashing its potential in tasks such as:

  • Smart Factory: From real-time object detection and classification to production floor safety
  • Smart Transportation: Making public transport more comfortable with passenger occupancy counting
  • Smart Infrastructure: Enhancing security with number plate recognition
  • Smart Buildings: Efficient Management from access control to environment monitoring
  • Smart Retail: Elevating retail experiences and optimising operations such as inventory management
  • Smart Home: Infusing intelligence into your everyday smart appliances
  • Smart Agritech: Controlling pests in Agriculture for higher yield

So, why not say goodbye to complexity and say ‘Hailo’ to excellence, with Fitlet3:

✅ Reduced Power Consumption
✅ Increased Scalability
✅ Rock-Solid Reliability

It's time to transform your projects and embrace the future of vision AI acceleration! Contact us today to find out more.