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Display, Touch and Industrial Embedded IoT Solutions in Ireland

At Anders, we prioritise simplicity, efficiency, and durability. With over 70 years of experience, we've partnered with diverse industries in Ireland, such as medical, agritech, and industrial automation, to create lasting, user-friendly display and embedded solutions. Contact us to discuss your project, or watch for upcoming events where you can meet us in person. We're here to help your brand succeed!

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Focus on Ireland

Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Anders partners with Ireland's medtech sector, offering advanced embedded IoT solutions and innovative displays that help to imrpove patient care. 

Together, we're shaping healthcare's future through collaborative efforts, improving remote monitoring, resource management, and providing intuitive, high-resolution interfaces for medical professionals.

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IOT Technology for Agritech

Anders is expanding its global footprint in Agritech through its innovative display and embedded solutions in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture to improve efficiency, yield and profitability. 

Our solutions help with the challenges faced in the industry including rising demand for food, global pressures to control climate change and bringing farming into the digital age.

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When you partner with Anders for your display and embedded system, you are in good hands! Our vision is to deliver exceptional products, solutions and services exceeding your expectations through a design led consultative approach.