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Medical Devices

The medical environment is quite rightly rigorous and demanding, requiring display and embedded solutions that are accessible and safe to use. Understanding where and how a medical product will be used and by whom is important for us to help you design a solution truly fit for purpose.

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When reliability and safety are key

Our medical display and embedded systems are designed with the environment in mind. The medical environment is quite rightly rigorous and demanding, and here at Anders we've worked on thousands of medical design solving various design challenges.

How can I achieve optimum display performance?

Optical bonding and films 

Poor display clarity and viewability can create challenges with colour shift depending on the readers position to the screen. Applying special films or filters, or optical bonding processes can greatly improve colour clarity and avoid screen glare.

Optical Bonding Films & filters

Bespoke backlight design

Medical applications can require fine image detailing. We can help optimise display contrast, resolution and brightness according to specific project requirements and environmental considerations.

Backlight Customisation

How can I achieve a safe and reliable touch design?

Gloved touch

Operating a display whilst wearing gloves is common in the medical world. We can optimise the Capacitive Touchscreen (PCAP) to support gesture/multi-touch functionality with different glove types.

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EMC filtering

Medical devices need to be immune to very high levels of EMI. Knowing the optimum IC components to use to combat this is key. Our engineers can help with selection and firmware tuning.

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Anti-bacterial film

Infection control is a key concern in the medical sector. Spread of infection through use of the touchscreen can be minimised by applying anti- bacterial coatings.

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How can I get a fast and reliable embedded system?

Enhanced connectivity 

For systems that need to be connected via a hospital network across multiple devices, the motherboard I/O functionality can be adapted to ensure reliable data monitoring and collection.

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Software and BSP optimisation

A fast response from your medical device is imperative for life critical procedures. Software and BSP can be optimised to ensure speed and accuracy.

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Don't take our word for it 

Discover how we've helped a leading manufacturer of medical systems with the challenge of delivering a display solution with high image clarity as well as enhanced embedded connectivity performance.

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