Medical Devices

​The medical environment is quite rightly rigorous and demanding, requiring display and embedded solutions that are accessible and safe to use. At Anders, we have worked on thousands of medical designs solving various design challenges.​

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Healthcare Interfaces, Where Innovation Meets Reliability

Today, as we witness significant growth in the medical device market, manufacturers want to design products that are imaginative, intuitive, and intelligent, whilst complying with a range of industry standards.

From clinical diagnostic machines for hospitals and homes, to personal healthcare, fitness and wearables devices, we continue to help the world’s most trusted healthcare brands solve their most complex product design and engineering developmental challenges, bringing precision, simplicity and smart integrated solutions that enhance user experience, to life, including:

  • Interfaces with exceptional readability
  • Responsive touch operation, even with gloved hands
  • IoT connected devices, AI and cyber security

Medical Case Study

Anders' proactive consultative approach was incredibly helpful for Morgan IAT. As a medical device company, we understand regulations such as ISO 13485. Anders specialise in display and touchscreen technology and were able to add their specialist bespoke engineering approach, looking at how the product interacts and combines with the environment where it will be applied.

Nigel Clarke, CEO at Morgan Innovation & Technology

Shaping the future of healthcare interfaces

Your users demand exceptional readability

With the continuous innovation of medical devices, whether in a hospital setting or in the home healthcare market, there  is increased expectation from users to have a device that is intuitive, responsive, and simple to use, regardless of the environment, the users age or physical ability.

  • Optical clarity for fine imaging detail
  • All-round viewing angles
  • Durable coverlens solutions including touch buttons and intuitive icons
Display Optical Enhancement

Levelling up your touch functionality

Operating a display whilst wearing gloves is common in the medical world and it’s re-assuring to know that you can have perfect touch control whether you are wearing gloves or not. But what about taking touch to the next level? 

  • Reliable gesture control using gloves
  • Touchless technology to combat infection spread
  • Accurate touch and quick recording of data
Touch Optimisation

Intelligent, reliable and secure connectivity

With the growing trend of digital healthcare, the need for reliable connectivity and connected devices has never been greater. Connected IoT devices need to ensure secure and accurate data transfer.

  • Embedded systems to accommodate future secure “over the air” software upgrades and ensure optimum UI performance
  • TrustZone® technology to create a root of trust within the device
  • Edge Analytics with machine-learning accelerator hardware
Software Services

Designing with EMC in mind

Meeting electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations for medical devices can be challenging. Intended touch must of course be detected and decoded, but devices must also provide immunity to conducted disturbances from Radio-Frequency fields, caused through the coupling of any attached cables.

  • Optimum grade IC components
  • Controller firmware tuning
  • Optimised PCB Design
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Speeding up time to market

Demand for telemedicine and remote healthcare products is booming, as are the number of devices entering the market. Getting your device into production quicker and ahead of your competition is paramount, which requires speeding up time to market without comprising on quality.

Anders provide engineering services to help deliver a reliable, responsive interface system quickly and efficiently.

  • Rapid development kits for proof of concept
  • PCBA and Motherboard design
  • Software Integration
HMI Development Kit

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