Revolutionising Patient Care

With Digital Displays and Embedded Technology

In today's dynamic medical device landscape, intuitive, responsive and intelligent products that meet industry standards are expected. From clinical diagnostic machines for hospitals to personal healthcare, we collaborate with you to address your complex design challenges.

Optical clarity for fine imaging detail and all round viewing.

Gloved-hand and moisture resistant touch operation

Single wipe clean surface, safe to use with chemical cleaning agents

Long service life components for years of reliable operation.

Long production life component selection, aligning with ISO 13485 requirements.

Navigating challenging EMC compliance to meet IEC 60601-1-2 Standards.

Building better healthcare for tomorrow

Interfaces with exceptional optical clarity for fine imaging detail and all round viewing.

Optical Performance

Reliable and responsive touch operation even with gloved hands or moisture on the screen.

Touch and Firmware

Connected IoT devices need to ensure secure and accurate data transfer on the edge of the device.

Edge Computing

CASE STUDY: In-Vitro Diagnostics Devices

Creating a custom shaped touchscreen and a low power embedded processor for battery powered biological sample analysis in an outdoor environment.

The display: An industrial grade, sunlight readable TFT display with optically bonded custom shaped coverlens and medical grade touch sensor, finely tuned to work with gloves and moisture.

The Motherboard: A custom motherboard featuring a SOM running Linux OS and a rich GUI working with a micro controller companion board running an RTOS sample preparation circuit.

Designing for Medical Compliance

''Anders' proactive consultative approach was incredibly helpful for Morgan IAT. We are a medical device company; therefore, we understand the various regulations e.g. ISO 13485, but Anders specialise in display and touchscreen technology and were able to add their specialist bespoke engineering approach, looking at how the product is going to interact and combine with the environment where it will be applied.

Nigel Clarke, CEO at Morgan Innovation & Technology

Featured Solutions for Smart, Reliable, Medical Devices

IPS TFT with Capacitive Touch, addresses challenges of ambient light washing out image clarity, to responsive touch using gloved hands.

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Zero-power displays are ideal for patient information cards, reducing staff workload and improving patient-doctor relations

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Embedded Development Kits get your device into production quicker, and without compromising on quality.

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Speeding up time to market

We accelerate your product's time to market without compromising quality. 
Our engineering services offer rapid development kits, PCBA and motherboard
design, and seamless software integration for a swift and efficient solution delivery.

Rapid Development Kits

Intelligent, reliable and secure connectivity

Just like with all IoT Applications, AI, machine learning and data processing is decentralising away from the cloud and creeping out to the edge.  Connected IoT devices need to ensure secure, tamper-proof and accurate data transfer for patient protection

    Edge Computing Solutions

    Tackling EMC for medical projects

    Medical devices need to be immune to very high levels of EMI. Knowing the optimum IC components to use to combat this is key. Our engineers can help with selection and firmware tuning.

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    Bringing your Product to Life

    Through years of experience helping the world's most trausted healthcare brands solve their complex product design and engineering challenges, we bring simplicity and smart integrated solutions that enhance user experience to life.

    Coverlens Design

    Coverlens Design

    From shape, size glass material and thickness to hidden til lit icons and printing, make your product stand out.

    Optical Bonding

    Optical Bonding

    Improve screen readability outdoors and strength of your display with optical bonding.

    Touch and Firmware

    Touch and Firmware

    Optimum touch ICs and firmware tuning for flawless performance including gloved touch and water rejection.

    Glass Coatings & Filters

    Glass Coatings & Filters

    Optimum performance using films and filters including anti-reflective, anti-glare or protective coatings.

    Mechanical Integration

    Mechanical Integration

    Display and embedded integration: enclosures, mounting holes, gaskets, cable assembly and more.

    Hardware Design

    Hardware Design

    Custom board design of any shape or size to your exact application specifications.

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