Healthcare interfaces: Innovation meets reliability


May 25, 2022

Times are a changing and this can be seen in the actions of associations, bodies, and movements across the globe. For example:

The UK Department of Health and Social Care recently issued a Press Release to state that there would be a £260 million to boost healthcare research and manufacturing.

Up to £200 million committed to support NHS-led health research into diagnostics and treatment through new privacy-preserving platforms and clinical research services, and £60 million to help expand life sciences manufacturing in the UK.

This support comes off the back of the past two-years that has accelerated the design and development of medical device innovation post the growth in wearables and apps to monitor our health and wellbeing.

boost to medical research will see increase in medtech devices

The technology landscape has significantly expanded for Anders to cover display and embedded advancements in areas such as:

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Edge Analytics
  • Digital therapeutics
  • Internet of Medical Things
  • Telemedicine
  • Drug development
  • Data driven healthcare
  • Nano medicine
  • Cellular Communication
  • Healthcare digital Assistants
  • Wearable with purpose
telemedicine devices - anders interfaces

It’s an exciting time for us and our customers as research and development booms and time to market cycles push boundaries.


We collaborate with thought-leaders to help you to improve your medical product for use, simplifying by touch, to enrich patient outcome and quality of life. For over 30 years Anders have been active in the medical market, developing and engineering innovative interfaces combined with display and embedded solutions for medical devices.

diagnostic devices - anders interfaces

Interfaces that are Intuitive and Intelligent

Over recent years, we have established our place in the industry with our deep knowledge of transforming mechanical equipment into digital delivery with driving data and intelligence.

We are working toward one goal: to be the most technologically advanced and trusted healthcare integrated display product and solutions provider that enable our global B2B customers to differentiate and succeed in their chosen market.

From hospital and clinical diagnostic machines to personal and wearable medical devices, our display and embedded product solutions enable our medical customers to focus on their next generation of medical products as we focus on their product design, engineering, development, manufacturing, and distribution, with all compliance, and documentation covered.

We are proud to help medical customers become competitive by bringing quality innovative products to market in a controlled and compliant way, with transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

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