Vertical Alignment Displays

True black background, sharp crisp cool-white icons
and segment characters tell users exactly what they need to know,
all from the most acute viewing angles.


What is a Vertical Alignment (VA) Display?

Negative mode Vertical Alignment (VA) monochrome LCD displays are high contrast displays with a deep black background and deliver excellent performance where a crisp, clear display is required. VA displays change the orientation of liquid crystal molecules to block or permit the passage of light through the display. As a result, the display produces a background that is deep black, enabling VA displays to achieve very high contrast ratios of more than 1000:1. Learn more about VA display technology in our glossary.

Why use a Vertical Alignment Display?

Their true black background give sharp contrast to crisp, cool-white icons and segment or alphanumeric characters that tell users exactly what they need to know. With a VA display your you can achieve a design that is clear and easy to view, simple to understand, and ideally smarter than the competition.

Unique benefits of VA displays include:

  • All round viewing angles
  • True black background
  • Low cost and low power
  • Easy integration
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Get a VA Display as unique as your product

Vertical Alignment displays are offered by Anders as a custom built solution to bring you a unique design that suits fully your application requirements. Customisation of VA Displays include:

Get in touch with our team to get started on a unique VA display to differentiate your product design.

vertical alignment displays from anders

How will you drive your display?

Here at Anders we don't just strive to design a best in class display solution for your product, but we also want to make sure the display is driven with the right embedded system. We can help achieve a hardware solution that ensures your display works perfectly within your application. Hardware solutions include:

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Embedded Solutions
embedded solutions from anders

Ideal markets for Vertical Alignment displays

Your Display

Putting your own stamp on your product is more than a logo on the start-up screen. Discover how we can help you design a unique display solution with our customisation services:

  • Custom coverlens
  • Backlight enhancement
  • Antimicrobial Coating
  • Films and filters
  • Optical bonding
  • Touch choice
  • Display mounting integration
  • EMC filtering
Design Services

Lets get started on your project.

We aim to offer reliable and long-term solutions to our B2B customers. If you would like to discuss your display and/or embedded system requirements please contact us below.