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The most successful projects are those that involve Anders from the start of the design project.
We enable you to turn your concepts into reality through our display and embedded expertise.

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Services differentiating your display & embedded design

For Anders, design involves identifying your product performance needs to ensure that the end result meets your application requirements. Our project teams can either work with your design teams or we can help you to conceptualise your user interface design through our partner network. Future market trends are considered, as are breakthroughs in new materials, previous hurdles we’ve experienced, and supply chain optimisation, to name a few. Much like a high-end sports car is more than a sleek piece of steel, good design encompasses the entire end-user experience. That’s’ our ‘fit for purpose’, design-led company model.

Integration Services

Our integration services cover Embedded board design, bespoke PCBA design,interface boards, software and mechanical integration.including:

  • Custom I/O functionality
  • Custom board shape and size
  • BSP support
  • Custom memory configuration
  • Display and motherboard integration
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Customisation Services

Customising your display or embedded system to get the very best performance is key to set your product apart. Our services include:

  • Stunning custom coverlens solutions
  • Enhancing display readability with optical bonding, films and filters
  • Optimising the backlight design to achieve best readability
  • Touch and firmware tuning to achieve a flawless interactivity
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Rapid Prototyping

Building a proof of concept is the most fundamental stage of a project. We have a range of rapid prototyping services that can save engineering time and cost and get your project up and running quickly and effectively. These solutions include:

  • HMI Development kits using iMX8 or Intel processors
  • HMI enabled displays
  • Interface conversion boards
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We aim to offer reliable and long-term solutions to our B2B customers. If you are a business and would like to discuss your display and/or embedded system requirements please contact us below