TFT LCD Displays

Take your design to the next level with our range of TFT Displays including latest IPS TFT, circular and bar shape as well as large size TFT. With or without touch, these are fully customisable to your system requirements.

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Industrial grade displays for any application, and any environment.
We understand display challenges so can provide a tailored solution for your project.

TFT Display Technology

Step into the future with our industrial-grade TFT displays, designed to meet all your project needs:

  • Quality: High resolution and crisp images.
  • Flawless Touch: Responsive and smooth.
  • IPS Technology: Superior clarity and all-round viewing.
  • Durable: Industrial-grade components
  • Choice: Sizes from 1" to 65" and beyond
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Environmental considerations for TFT displays

Designed for diverse environments with low power consumption in mind:

  • Resilient: Performs seamlessly in extreme temperatures.
  • All-Weather: Resistant to rain, mud, dirt, and dust.
  • Optimised: Exceptional visibility even in direct sunlight.
  • Tough: Built to withstand external impacts.

All while focusing on low power consumption.

    TFTs in all Shapes and Sizes

    Circular Displays

    Elevate your product design with a circular display and unlock limitless possibilities. Ideal for temperature or volume control, motor speeds, timer settings or smart home applications.

    • TFT or OLED solutions
    • 1" to 4.2"
    • Capacitive touch or rotary encoder functionality
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    Bar TFT Displays

    Ultra-wide form factor displays for applications such as retail and passenger signage or shelf-edge advertising. Also ideal for applications with restricted build height such as rack mount systems or landscape format front panels.

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      Large TFTs

      Large TFT display systems are ideal for transportation information, retail signage, vending machines, vehicle charging stations and kiosks. Solutions up to 65" diameter and in bar-style, square or rectangular configurations available.

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      Bringing your Product to Life

      Through years of experience working across multiple industries, we provide expert advice and assistance. From board design and mechanical integration, to interface design in compliance with environmental and electrical compliance requirements.

      Coverlens Design

      Coverlens Design

      From shape, size glass material and thickness to hidden til lit icons and printing, make your product stand out.

      Optical Bonding

      Optical Bonding

      Improve screen readability outdoors and strength of your display with optical bonding.

      Touch and Firmware

      Touch and Firmware

      Optimum touch ICs and firmware tuning for flawless performance including gloved touch and water rejection.

      Glass Coatings & Filters

      Glass Coatings & Filters

      Optimum performance using films and filters including anti-reflective, anti-glare or protective coatings.

      Backlight Enhancement

      Backlight Enhancement

      Adapting display brightness to suit the application requirements.

      Embedded Board Design

      Embedded Board Design

      Custom board design of any shape or size to your exact application specifications.

      Driving your Display

      Discover the perfect match for your display! 

      We ensure your display not only looks great but runs smoothly with the ideal embedded system.

      Embedded Solutions

      Test before you Invest

      Evaluate your interface design with for rapid proof of concept with a plug and play evaluation or development kit. Choose from

      Alternatively let us design a driving board for you - get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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      TFT display range 

      See below our range of TFT Displays with sizes ranging from 0.96" to 64.5" and including circular and bar type shape. All our displays can be tailored to suit your application with our Design Services, from optical performance enhancements right through to mechanical integration.

      Get in touch with our team for information about samples and pricing.

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