Large TFT Displays

Display information with clarity, excellent colour and optical performance. Large TFT range up to 65" 4K Ultra HD, ideal for passenger transport information systems, kiosks and vending terminals

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Our range of large TFT displays offers versatility in your product design with sizes ranging from 21.5" right up to 65". Not only do we offer the usual 16:9 format but also a variety of bar displays and square displays to give your product that unique look. 

Ultra High Definition displays for passenger information systems

Passengers on trains, buses and planes expect accurate, up to date and clear information on their journey. From Airport terminals and train stations, to bus-stops and on-board passenger displays, there is a shift away from LED displays to high definition, vibrant colour TFT displays.

With all round viewing angles and vibrant colours, you can ensure clarity for the customer, as well as providing invaluable advertising opportunities for transportation settings.

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large tft displays for passenger information systems

TFT displays in kiosks give superior user experience

In our fast paced, self service world, kiosks are being used widely to purchase train tickets, check in to hotels, order fast-food or purchase food and drink on the go.

The displays for these kiosks are getting bigger, to not only give the users a better experience, but give the vendors more real estate for their marketing messaging.

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large TFT displays used in train ticket machine

Get a Large TFT Display as unique as your product

Our large TFT touch displays can be tailored to suit the often challenging environment of a high-use kiosk application:

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customisation services for displays including coatings and filters

Our large TFT Display range

See below our range of large TFT Displays with sizes ranging from 21.5" right up to 65". All our displays can be tailored to to your application with our Design Services, from optical performance enhancements right through to mechanical integration.

Get in touch with our team for information about samples and pricing.

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Putting your own stamp on your product is more than a logo on the start-up screen. Discover how we can help you design a unique display solution with our customisation services:

  • Custom coverlens
  • Backlight enhancement
  • Antimicrobial Coating
  • Films & Filters
  • Optical Bonding
  • Touch Choice
  • Display mounting integration
  • EMC filtering
Design Services

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