Design for Compliance

Designing with compliance in mind from the very start of your project

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Every industry has different compliance needs, whether that be safety critical, life critical or environmental, our team understand these challenges and can enable your products to be designed with compliance in mind.

Robust Designs

Any product design has to take into account the personal safety of their end users , environmental challenges and longevity of the product. Working in collaboration with our customers we can ensure your product is manufactured to standards required by each application.

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    Electromagnetic Compatability (EMC)

    Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) enables different electronics devices to operate without interfering with each other. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) results in non-conformity when they are operated in close proximity to each other.

    Understanding the source of interference  and how it is transmitted is a key to mitigating the effects of the electromagnetic interference.

    Good initial design alleviates many EMC issues. We select the most optimum components for each product at the design stage to minimise the effects of EMI from your embedded display system.

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    Case Study: EMC challenge for Medical

    Medical equipment needs to withstand very high EMC requirements representing a huge challenge for the embedded display. Our customer, Morgan Inovation & Technology were lookinhg for a reliable solution designed with a Specialist engineering approach.

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    Medical Industry 

    ISO certification is a key industry indicator of excellence.

    The solutions we provide to the medical industry follow ISO13485 requirements throughout the life cyle of the project and have long continuity of supply.

    Our Medical Solutions

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