AndersDX is a division of Anders Electronics plc and specialises in the design, development and supply of world-class display and embedded technologies to our global B2B customers. Our vision is to deliver exceptional products, solutions and services which will make a difference to everyday life and our people will build and enrich long term relationships with our customers and partners.

We learn about customers' projects and create a solution optimised to their needs, expectations, volume and budgets. Supporting our customers through their product lifecycle are our in-house specialist engineering, design and logistics teams. 


Our company was founded in 1952. We have seen the birth of most of the display and embedded technologies in common use today, and outlived several too. Throughout this time, we have gained a vast wealth of experience and built key relationships with manufacturing and logistics partners to ensure we provide the best service to our customers

Here is a brief history of our development but to find out more, see our technology evolution here.

  • 1952: Anders Electronics Established
  • 1968: Anders offering UK's largest range of meters
  • 1970: Anders offering customised meters
  • 1985: Anders developed and supplied custom mono LCDs
  • 1998: Anders created its Tiny Green PC division for its computing activity
  • 2010: Anders started supplying PMOLED technology
  • 2016: Anders introduced AMOLED technology to the industrial space
  • 2017: Anders celebrates 65 years of groundbreaking technology

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Meet The Team

“Our portfolio of display and embedded computing solutions is exceptional, but it is our people that make the difference. With passion and integrity, we work hand in hand with our customers to deliver the best products possible and ensure every solution we create will exceed our customers’ expectations.” 

Paul Mullen, General Manager

Please call us +44 (0)207 388 7171