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Oct 04, 2021

You will have heard about Anders Electronics, as leaders in Display and Embedded technology, but did you know that we have a geographical landscape with offices, logistics hubs, manufacturing locations, and customers that cover the globe including emerging geographies for the electronics industry?

What you'll learn from this blog:

Anders Electronics global presence

There has never been a time, where the importance of localisation with the ability for global reach has been more important.

Zoom, Teams, Skype, to name but a few connectivity technologies have demonstrated how we can connect across the globe at the flick of a switch, but we have also witnessed the acceleration of globalisation over the years. Combine this with the ability to link to a local network to exchange best practice methodologies and share knowledge, and you’ve got the makings of a very powerful cultural exchange for excellence.


Whether you are a customer in Finland, or Australia, the Anders experience is a consistent one. Think of the successful ‘glocal’ brand that you know, for example, Aldi and Lidl have brought the standard for German precision and organisation to our high-street, but have customised their offering to meet local needs, and demographics. This is the balance of bringing the experience enjoyed by customers, whilst being flexible and adaptable to meet local requirements.

Our customers and manufacturing partners will receive the same level of support through business development, engineering, supply chain, operations, and quality regardless of geography. In fact, as we have European, and Asian offices, we can speak to our customers in their local language, culture, and time zone evolving our long-term partnerships over the years

Engaging one of our local offices and team members enable our customers and manufacturing partners to gain access to local insights, market knowledge, and achieve their business goals via close collaboration.

When selecting your display and embedded partner to bring new design concepts to life, it is important that you choose a partner for the long-term, who can showcase their vast experience in the industry to help customers integrate the best technologies and successfully launch products to the market with a global network coverage.

Through Scale, We Offer Competitive Advantage

Our office locations

When we say the word office, it conjures images of people at their desks and siloed as they work through their to-do list. Our offices are quite different. Whether you enter our offices in the UK, EU, or Asia, you’ll be presented with individuals and teams who are very passionate to help your design team to deploy display or embedded technologies to life to ensure its fit for purpose and complies with any regulatory requirements it may have, particularly if its applications have special environmental needs to be taken into consideration, or it sits within a high reliability industry e.g., medical.

London and Witney:  Established 1952

Our offices have creative spaces, where our business development, engineering, and quality teams will meet to whiteboard a particular challenge and discuss the latest innovation in display and embedded technologies that will be beneficial for our customers. Over the years, we have been helping customers overcome design challenges with solutions that enables them to succeed in their chosen market.

As a company, we often take part in our global exchange network, to bring our teams together to leverage off one another and to take innovative solutions to our customers. Lessons learnt and knowledge sharing is part of our day to day.

Anders have UK offices in Oxfordshire and London

Italy - Bari:  Established 2002

Italy is the one of largest economies in the EU and one of main export countries worldwide, designing high end home appliances, machinery, automobile, medical and industrial products. Due to major universities and research centres in Italy companies are constantly looking into innovative design concepts and opportunities to deploy solutions that will set them apart of competition.

anders bari office

Netherlands: Established 2019/2021

We are committed to continue growing our EU business, therefore we have established Anders Electronics BV in Sassenheim in the Netherlands, to enhance our customer experience. 

As one of the world’s most advanced economies, along with its highly developed infra-structure it has an extremely rich talent pool to help us grow the business for the future.

anders netherlands ofice

Dongguan: Established 2015

When researching the most relevant location for Anders in Asia, our market entrant specialists concentrated their efforts on Dongguan. This is a strategic location that enables us to easily link to and work with our customers, manufacturing partners and service providers in Asia. 

The area is known within the technology industry as a manufacturing centre of excellence with an emerging high-tech innovation hub in the province of Guangdong.

anders Donguann office

We have grown our resources within this office, which now homes an indigenous Engineering Team, providing our customers with the localisation benefits of working in the same time zone, culture, and language. Experience has also shown us that we can inject speed into the supply chain as we move projects from design to development swiftly, by bringing together everyone in the value chain e.g., customers, suppliers, partners. The creation of this peer-to-peer communication model brings access to our Asia operations ensuring our customers from across the globe have visibility of their production schedule in a timely manner, enabling everyone to address any challenges or disruption that might occur in real-time.

Our logistics locations

We’ve all learnt through Brexit and the Suez Canal challenges that it’s very important to have a network of hubs and logistical operations in strategic and key areas across the globe. Therefore, Anders have heavily invested in building a network to ensure we keep our customers products moving throughout the production lifecycle and into the supply chain eco system.

Our logistic hubs in the UK, The Netherlands and Hong Kong provide us with advanced distribution capabilities and a robust supply chain. The benefits of these geographics are well-known and publicised in the electronics industry, but for us, our reach provides Anders and our customers with 24-hour global coverage. 

Our customers continue to benefit by having access to our customer support team, who speak multiple languages, and our supply chain infrastructure experts for complete transparency and traceability.

The benefits of being local with global networks

Read our blog on the benefits our Netherland customers gain by us being the gateway to Europe.

Read our blog on our Witney, UK hub and how even during lockdown we kept the supply chain moving.

Watch out for future blogs which will be full of individual testimonies of what life is like not only within these different geographies, and the benefits our customers gain with years of experience in the industry, but also demonstrate the cosmopolitan nature of Anders as we blend a mix of backgrounds, personalities, cultures, and nationalities makes every interaction special.

Our manufacturing partners

We are proud to have a network of stellar manufacturing partners across the globe working towards a common goal of enabling our customers success in the markets where they are active. As technology and market dynamics evolves, we adapted ourselves to more complex customer requirements

Our manufacturing partners are carefully and strategically selected as their core competencies and market segment approach within high reliability arenas match ours. As do our business ethics.

We understand our manufacturing partners strengths and we advantageously couple these to our customer requirements within the markets of medical, marine, transportation, automation etc.

We’ve been strategic partners for many years, and like any relationship, we’ve formed strong bonds. Through these we achieve complete transparency and traceability throughout the design, supply chain, manufacturing, into distribution and beyond. Pre pandemic, our customers benefit from being able to visit our locations to see and feel their products being produced, however in current times, we can bring our facilities to our customers virtually, enabling them to get a true hands-on experience of seeing their bespoke solution in the production line.

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