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Retail & Signage

The way we interact with displays, whether it be in a supermarket, train station or at a vending machine needs to be quick, informative and fit for purpose. Let us help you implement cutting-edge display and embedded technologies into your retail and signage display systems.

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When reliability and usability are key

Our display and embedded systems are designed with the user and environment in mind. Working with you to understand the needs of your customers as well as where the device is going to be used, we can help you achieve an innovative display and embedded design fit for increasingly demanding user expectations.

How can I achieve an optimum display user experience?

Optical Bonding and films 

Vending machines and signage systems are often located in outdoor environments, causing sunlight readability challenges. Viewing angles and readability can be greatly improved with optical bonding processes or by applying specific films.

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Backlight customisation

By adopting a display technology with wide viewing angles, such as the superior LCD IPS Display, your user interface can be read almost side on. Increasing the luminance of the backlight unit is also an effective way of overcoming readability issues.

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How can I achieve a rugged display and embedded design?

Vandal proof solutions

Retail and Signage systems are often exposed to frequent public use and harsh environments meaning they requirie a highly reliable and rugged design. We offer vandal proofing solutions with high mechanical impact protection rating (IK08, IK09) ensuring a design to withstand the most challenging situations.

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UV and IR filters 

Thermal management is a critical factor for retail and signage systems used outdoors. An extended temperature range display is an option, or to reduce the risk of overheating from the sun and prevent discolouration of your display, an IR filter overlay can be applied and the use of UV glues adopted.

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How can I ensure my embedded design is fit for purpose?

High processing performances 

When used to display high-quality imaging content, retail and signage systems may require a powerful CPU with high performance video and graphics capabilities. We can help you select a high-speed graphics ARM or X86 CPU and optimise its design to make sure your content runs smoothly.

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Real time monitoring

Vending machines and signage systems often need to be connected via network hub for real time remote management and auditing of transactions, therefore requiring CPU systems with specific I/O functionalities. Working with you to understand your system connectivity requirements, we can help you achieve a bespoke board design including WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G or 4G, GSM and LAN networks.

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Don't take our word for it!

Discover how we've helped a leading manufacturer of public transport information system with the challenge of delivering a rugged, readable information display solution in the blazing sun of an Israeli public transport network.

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