The Ideal Outdoor LCD Display - Taming the Elements


Feb 16, 2024

We live in a world where LCD displays illuminate everything from transit hubs to tractors, and meters to marine navigation systems. However, when these displays brave the great outdoors, they confront a host of environmental challenges.  At Anders, we've mastered the art of crafting displays that don't just survive but thrive in the great outdoors, facing down extreme temperatures, rain, and UV rays with unyielding resilience.

High-Brightness & High-Temperature

The paramount requirement for an exceptional outdoor display is its ability to shine even in the brightest sunlight. A minimum surface brightness of 1500cd/m² is the standard for unshaded areas. This brilliance, however, comes with its challenges, demanding advanced heat management to keep the LEDs cool. 

Beyond brightness, these displays are built to endure, with a wide operating temperature range from -35° to +85°C, ensuring reliability no matter the extremes in temperature.

high-bright outdoor display - 1500nits

Reflections & Glare

In addition, arming displays with Anti-Glare(AG) and Anti-Reflective(AR) coatings minimise surface glare and reflections, each in a slightly different way and combining AR with an Anti-Fingerprint(AF) coating ensures displays remain smudge free, preserving their visual integrity.

UV Protection

As we all know, UV from the sun causes damage, and that is also true for our displays. UV protection is essential to preserve colour and vibrancy. This safeguard extends to coverglass printing of logos and icons with the use of UV-resistant ceramic ink.

Touch Integrity & Impact

Distinguishing genuine touch inputs from raindrops can be challenging and requiries precise selection and tuning of touch ICs to ensure optimal performance, accomodating varying coverlens thickness, water resistance or gloved hands.

And when it comes to physical impacts, we don't take chances; strengthened glass and robust enclosures protect our displays from the elements and accidents alike, guaranteeing a lasting legacy in the face of nature's challenges. 

display with raindrops in freezing conditions

With Anders, expect nothing less than exceptional, enduring outdoor display solutions that stand the test of time and the elements.

To explore this topic further, download our guide to crafting the perfect outdoor display below or contact us to discuss your specific application.