Mike Logan

Senior Product Manager

As a Display Technology guru at Anders, Mike stays up-to-date on new and emerging technologies that he believes hold the right level of synergy for the company’s world-class portfolio..

A member of our leadership team, Mike provides our team and our customers with indepth insight and technical support, from the design stage of the production lifecycle through to the next generation of technology.

Mike will be keeping a keen eye on new innovations and developments in the display solutions industry as a whole, including the very latest Micro-LED and Quantum dot technology. With more products and services to offer than ever before, Mike feels the company have essentially entered a new era, so it made sense to have product management roles to help steer the company in the right direction. Ensuring the right partner for the right project benefits both the company and customers.

As people become engaged with touchscreen technology, there can be an assumed level of knowledge in our industry. It’s Mike’s role to strip back the assumptions to realise the product designed for purpose with price in mind. He is a mentor, a consultant, and our sanity checker.

We don’t know where we’d be without Mike, and we’ve been with him for 25 years! What he doesn’t know about our technology and market, isn’t worth knowing!

Videos Featuring Mike