IOT Technology for Agritech

Intelligent IOT technology solutions for precision agriculture to help improve yield, efficiency, and profitability.

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Anders is expanding its global footprint in Agritech through its innovative display and embedded solutions in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture to improve efficiency, yield and profitability.

With the worldwide agri-tech market being valued at $18.12 billion in 2021, with expected growth to reach $43.37 billion by 2030 but this essential industry faces many challenges:

  • Rising demand for food and the need to produce profitable crops for a growing population
  • Global pressures to control climate change and the need to protect land and water
  • Bringing farming into the digital age and the need to achieve more with less manual effort

Benefits our display and embedded technology bring to agritech

Increase accuracy, efficiency, and yield

Our display and embedded technology support farmers in the field to assist in the production of their product, whether that be dairy, crops, or their livestock. Benefits our technology can offer:

  • Embedded touchscreen displays that operate under all extremes within a farming environment
    - dirt, water, sunlight, gloved hands, vibration
  • Fully automated and managed from a human machine interface (HMI) with real-time data monitoring
  • High computational power to analyse big data to monitor and optimise production

Ruggedised solutions

Farming is one of the most challenging environments for precision technology. Our display and embedded solutions  are optimised for harsh environments:

  • IP67 grade rugged PCs
  • Displays with toughened glass that are readable in direct sunlight
  • Extended operating temperature to meet global weather demands
  • Seamless operation in dirty, dusty, wet and humid environments
  • Vibration and shock proof systems
Rugged Outdoor PC

Asset monitoring for optimum yield

Monitoring your assets, whether that be livestock trackers and feeders, soil, temperature and moisture control for crops or drones is imperative to ensure yield optimisation. Our embedded systems provide:

  • Edge analytics
  • Data management with real-time over the air updates
  • Long range wireless connectivity
  • Low power consumption for energy conservation
  • Safe and secure 24/7 operation
Embedded Solutions

Exceptional display performance

Designing display systems located outdoors can be tough.  Extremes of heat and cold as well as rainwater, dust, dirt, and grit all cause issues.. They need to be readable in bright sunlight or complete darkness and be strong enough to withstand machine vibrations and external impact. Our display solutions provide:

  • Sunlight readability
  • Thermal management
  • Strengthened glass
  • Flawless touch even with gloved hands

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Accelerating time to market

We have a number of rapid evaluation solutions available to be able to offer proof of concept for your project including

  • HMI evaluation kits
  • HDMI TFT displays
  • Embedded evaluation kits
Rapid Evaluation

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