Revolutionising agriculture with Anders


Mar 15, 2023

Let’s talk about how technological advancements are changing the game for farming. As we face the challenges of resource shortage, climate control, energy preservation, and the cost of living, it's important to remember that farming is one of the most critical industries in the world. Without it, we wouldn't have food on our tables or materials for our clothes.

That's why we need to focus on increasing agribusiness productivity and produce yield.

Together, across the supply chain network of farmers, the OEM, and Anders, we have a common vision of achieving this. We understand that only via technological advancements will we be able to achieve this goal, with a heavy reliance on agri-tech innovation to drive accuracy and efficiency.

At Anders, we provide innovative and intuitive displays and embedded systems to address the challenges that the farming industry is facing in today's world.

Anders provides technology solutions to ensure reliable, seamless functionality, regardless of the conditions:

Farm Management System
  • IP67 grade rugged PCs for resistance to water, shock and vibration
  • Displays with toughened glass that are readable in direct sunlight
  • Flawless touch even using gloved hands
  • Extended operating temperature to meet global weather demands
  • Seamless operation in dirty, dusty, wet, and humid environments
  • Vibration and shock-proof systems

Anders provides embedded technology which enables data-driven decisions for precision farming and eradicates repetitive manual tasks.

  • Edge analytics for immediate feedback without cloud connection, such as monitoring livestock, farming equipment, crops, and supply chain health
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled systems provide a superior level of insights, predictions, and solutions to enhance success rates
  • Long-range wireless communications
  • Real-time over the air updates
  • 24/7 low power operation
  • Gateway solutions to seamlessly connect devices across the farm landscape
  • Cyber secure systems to prevent online threats

Having a safe, secure, and always-on infrastructure will reduce waste and ultimately increase yield.

Farming isn't a new industry, but the technological advancements to aid what is a tough profession in perplexing times are (e.g., precision farming, automation, Big Data, etc.), and these will aid it in becoming more efficient, more effective, and will soon become hard for us all to live without.

In our agri-tech blog series, we will share our views on the future of farming as smart tech takes grip to address the challenges we face.

Join us on our journey as we work to protect this age-old profession, our people, and our planet.

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