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Having easy to use, reliable home appliances gives consumers one less thing to worry about, and Anders can help by providing an innovative display solution fit for demanding user expectations.

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When functionality and durability is key

Working with you to understand the needs of your customers, we can help you achieve an innovative integrated display fit for increasingly demanding expectations.

Home Appliance Case Study 

“We know that daily life is faster, busier and more hectic, with people searching for quality time and experiences. Our partnership with Anders Electronics and the innovative solutions we have co-created are a further testament to our promise: to design a premium coffee experience around our consumers, with ‘amore’ ”.

Discover how we've helped a leading manufacturer of domestic and professional coffee machines with the challenge of delivering a display solution with high image clarity as well as enhanced touchscreen performance for the end users.

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What our appliance customers are asking us

How can I create an intuitive display system for the user?

The latest household appliances require extremely intuitive and reliable functionality. We can help you design a complex control panel design with a coverlens optimised for screen protection, enhanced viewing and with functional icons which will definitely make your product stand out from the crowd.

Coverlens customisation

How can I ensure touch performances are not affected by external forces?

Home appliances display designs are inevitably exposed to damaging external forces (steam, fluids, vibration) thereby affecting the display and touchscreen performance. We can help you ensure seamless touchscreen functionality regardless of these problems.

Touch Customisation

How can I overcome EMC noise?

ESD protection has become a significant issue for household devices which are often located in a restricted space with a large number of electronics. Our engineers can help you achieve an EMI/ESD immune design by careful selection of components for EMI immunity and anti-static protection, as well as carrying out EMI/ESD shielding.

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How can I ensure my appliance system is IOT ready?

With the IOT revolution enabling more and more electronic devices to talk to each other, enhanced connectivity is becoming a must for home appliances leading to a need for CPUs with specific I/O functionalities. We can help you achieve a bespoke board design including WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G or 4G data communication protocol.

Hardware Design

Can you help upgrade user experience to colour displays?

If you want to upgrade the user experience for any household device from a segment or alphanumeric display to a colourful graphic display, you must consider the extra system resources that will entail. We can help you manage the various embedded design trade-offs, using high-quality development tools and our experience in coding sophisticated GUIs.

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