Standing on the Edge: AI is the Voice of Reason


Mar 14, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is part of our daily life in cloud services such as: social media, call centres, chatbots etc, and we are seeing it coming out of the cloud and into the edge.

By eliminating data-intensive interactions with AI applications in the cloud, Edge AI can deliver performance advantages such as:

  • Lower latency
  • Lower power consumption
  • Greater privacy
Edge AI platforms deliver performance advantages

These edge platforms will outperform, outclass, and replace conventional applications currently performed using scalar processors and this is an opportunity for start-ups founded on skills in AI and machine learning to disrupt!

Established players will need to modernise to use this new technology, or they will run the risk of being left behind!

There is a Shake-up Coming

In “tomorrows world” even the tiniest chips will come with a kick of AI. Intelligence will be embedded in every “thing” we use, look at, touch, wear – at work, at home, when travelling, shopping, in entertainment venues.

Are You Ready to Live on the Edge?

Edge AI will enable your smart device to become more responsive, more adaptive, more accurate, more richly featured, more easily portable (or wearable), more affordable, and use less power.

It’s a Smart New World for:

face recognition device using AI technology

The i.MX 8M Plus is AI-ready. It’s not prohibitive to start designing with the i.MX 8M Plus now, to lay the foundation for your company’s next generation of AI-enhanced edge products.

Our extensive experience of all i.MX 8 processors and the associated ecosystem has helped our customers create solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.  Let us help you discover what the next generation has to offer.

iMX8 embedded solutions for next generation AI enhanced edge products

Read our full article on how we believe that Edge AI will change the world of industrial computing and the advantages that AI brings to the edge.

Where we answer the following questions:

  • How is AI Implemented on Edge Platforms?
  • When will Software be Ready for Developing Edge-AI Applications?
  • And much more