Rotary Encoder Displays

IPS TFT displays featuring rotary encoder switching

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Rotary encoder display modules combine a round LCD display with push button rotary encoder allowing you to create stylish HMIs for controlling temperature, volume, motor speeds, timing, ambience lighting and dimming levels. 

Product Features

  • Available in 1.3", 2.1" and 2.47"
  • IPS-TFT technology offers all round viewing angles
  • SPI or MIPI interfaces (UART version available for evaluation purposes)
  • 240x240 or 480x480 resolution
  • Brightness up to 300nits
  • Integral rotating push button encoder
  • 30 step 360° angular rotation
  • 3 standard screw mounting points
  • Aluminium outer ring in black or silver (Custom colours available)
  • IP65 option available soon
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DRAGONEYE Microcontroller Development Kit

Powered by the STM32 ARM Cortex M4 core, DRAGONEYE is a pre-developed hardware/software combination designed to bring HMIs to life effortlessly. 

  • Pre-developed drivers for 2.1" and 1.3" Rotary Encoder Displays
  • Allows idea validation with a rapid proof of concept
  • Enables development of software for a final prototype
  • Can be re-purposed for mass production
  • Saves 6 months time and cost in hardware development, driver integration and debugging
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Rapid evaluation made simple

If you simply want to evaluate the display and functionality of our range of rotary encoders, we offer an evaluation kit including MCU with UART interface. 

The module will be provided with reference tools to enable you to upload images quickly and easily to get started on your proof of concept before development of the final MCU/MPU and software.

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Encoder Display Structure

Product Comparison

rotary encoder display showing heating application

1.3" Rotary Display

Button Diameter: 46.2mm
Resolution: 240x240
Brightness: 300 nits
Interface: 4 wire-SPI

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rotary encoder display with blue led light glow

2.1" Rotary Display

Button Diameter: 78.4mm
Resolution: 480x480
Brightness: 300 nits
Interface: 2-lane MIPI

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rotary encoder display showing standby icon

2.47" Rotary Display

Button Diameter: 92.4mm
Resolution: 480x480
Brightness: 290 nits
Interface: 2-lane MIPI

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Perfect markets for Rotary Switch LCDs

Our TFT Rotary Switch Displays

All our rotary switches are available in various configurations - click on the product tab for more information.

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