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No matter what market you are in, you probably have equipment that uses a display. We have expertise developing displays for a vast array of industries and facing various environmental challenges.

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Inspiring design expertise for innovative HMI products

Since Anders Electronics was established in 1952, we have supported thousands of projects in a vast range of markets: from Medical, Metering and Industrial to modern Retail, Home Appliances, Marine designs and many more.

To meet our customers' challenges and needs, we offer in-depth knowledge of optical, hardware, software, mechanical and firmware for an embedded display system with our in-house engineering team who can guide through the solution that best fits your application requirements and desired user experience. Our aim is to deliver display and embedded solutions on time, on budget and exceeding your design goals. Learn more about how we simplify your project journey.

Medical & Wellbeing

From hospital and clinical diagnostic machines to personal and wearable medical devices, our display and embedded products solutions enable our medical customers to focus on their next generation of medical products as we focus on their product design, engineering, development, manufacturing, and distribution, with all compliance, and documentation covered.

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Smart Transportation 

Anders support projects in a vast range of smart transport applications helping shaping the future of mobility: from the fastest and most deployed fast charging systems, to cutting-edge marine navigation technology & passenger information systems withstanding the harshest environments.

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Home Appliances

Having easy to use, reliable home appliances gives consumers one less thing to worry about, and Anders can help by providing an innovative display solution fit for demanding user expectations.

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Industrial Control & Instrumentation

Industrial control systems and instrumentation are often used in very challenging environments and need to be extremely robust and reliable. In a landscape this diverse, you need a design partner who understands the unique needs of your market.

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Utility & Smart Metering

The once simple world of energy consumption has ever increasing user expectation of smart management through internet connectivity. Our metering display and embedded systems are designed with the user in mind.

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Retail & Signage

The way we interact with displays, whether it be in a supermarket, train station or at a vending machine needs to be quick, informative and fit for purpose. we can help you achieve an innovative display and embedded design fit for increasingly demanding user expectations.

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Our display and embedded technology support farmers in the field to assist in the production of their product, whether that be dairy, crops, or their livestock. Benefits our technology can offer.

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