Custom LED PCB Assembly

Our engineering team can develop custom PCBA solutions for your application

Our engineering team at Anders can design custom LED PCBA in house, saving our customers time and cost from doing self-assembly. From Grade reviews and Advanced Product Quality Planning to full PPAP and PSW’s, every aspect of the design and production is scrutinised to ensure the best possible solution.

Shapes and sizes to fit any application

  • Custom shape and size
  • LED colour combinations:
    • including monochrome
    • colour gradients
    • jumping
    • running
    • and other effects
  • Connector options

If the full design service is not required, we can also offer our production service according to an existing design/specification or offer alternative more cost effective solutions to an existing design. PCBAs from Anders ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability as the process is undertaken by us from start to finish.

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