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With over 35 years expertise in LED technology, we offer products and services from LED Displays and LED components to customised solutions including LED looms with connectors and custom LED PCBA.

LED Display products

What makes our LED products different?

We pride ourselves in offering high standard, wide wavelength, cost effective LED solutions, including Infrared, Ultra-Violet and RGB LEDs, all with local technical, commercial and logistic support. Our in-house experts in China and the UK will guide you through the optimum LED design for your application, including fully tailored solutions such as custom LED PCBA.

With over 35 years expertise in LED technology, our LED products and services include:

Our LED Components 

LED Technology

  • Surface mount LED, suitable for signal indicator, digital display application and backlight etc.
  • TOP LED, low heat resistance, suitable for general lighting products.
  • High power LED, high flux output, low DC operating voltage, suitable for outdoor lighting and automotive lighting.
  • COB, high light efficiency, excellent heat conduction

Ultra-violet LEDs for Sterilisation and Disinfection

UV LED is a reliable light source which could effectively destroy certain microorganisms. UV light has a very short wavelength, thus, a high energy which damages the cells or viruses.

Although there has been no research report about how UV light affects Covid-19 at the present time, there is evidence which showed that UV light was effective against other coronaviruses such as SARS


Infrared LEDS

Infra-red (IR) LEDs are suitable for a vast range of applications from traditional home use in remote control devices, door control and CCTV, right through to industrial inspection and measurement, automotive driver and occupancy detection and health monitoring devices.


Our custom LED design services

Backlight Optimisation

With our expertise in LED technology, our engineers can help you optimise the backlight of your LCD display to ensure optimum performance of your display.

Is the display being used in high ambient lighting, or outdoors for example? We can help enhance the brightness of your display at the power efficiency you need.



Our engineering team at Anders can design custom LED PCBA in house, saving our customers time and cost from doing self-assembly. From Grade reviews and Advanced Product Quality Planning to full PPAP and PSW’s, every aspect of the design and production is scrutinised to ensure the best possible solution.

  • Custom shape and size
  • LED colour combinations including monochrome, colour gradients, jumping, running and other effects
  • Custom cut lengths including connectors

If the full design service is not required, we can also offer our production service according to an existing design/specification or offer alternative more cost effective solutions to an existing design. PCBAs from Anders ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability as the process is undertaken by us from start to finish.


Our LED Displays

LED Displays are the most cost effective solution for conveying relatively small amounts of Information to the end user. At up to around 6 digits and 6 icons they offer the best price performance of all displays. They are easily visible in total darkness and have an exceptionally long lifetime of around 100k hours, making them suitable for ‘always on’ use. Our LED Displays are custom made to suit your application so contact us to start your project.

Our LED Displays customisation

  • Size: Displays can be custom made to suit your application size requirements
  • Face Colour: The face colour of the display can be matched to your requirement.
  • Icons: Any design icon is possible, with icons requiring multiple LED die to uniformly illuminate them
  • Overlay: Custom overlays can be designed over the reflector face to accurately show icon details. The surface finish can be matched to customer requirements.
  • Pinout: The pinout configuration can be optimised to suit the customer circuit board layout.
  • Electrical Configuration: The driver IC can be incorporated into the display so that it responds to simple Data inputs, rather than requiring the use of a CPU.
  • Optical Characteristics: The light output can be optimised for the application, and the intensity and the colour (wavelength) will be matched to offer a uniform display.

LED Display Technology


Wavelength Interval

Typical Die Construction

Relative Cost





True Green
























True Red





A white LED is a Blue led that is coated with phosphors. The mixture of the Blue light and the re emitted colours from the phosphor produces ‘White’

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Advances in LED Display Tech

The continuous need for improved image quality, brightness and response time has seen the development of the Micro-LED. Similar to OLED, they are self-emitting, but unlike OLEDs which use organic material, the MicroLED is inorganic, using a Gallium Nitride (GaN) material. This means they do not need an encapsulation layer, making the display panels thinner.

Compared to OLEDs, Micro-LEDs promise to be brighter, more power efficient, more durable (higher lifetime) and with a higher color gamut. Micro-LEDs are based on well-established LED devices, which will mean this technology will be seen in more and more industrial devices very soon.

The MicroLED components themselves are impossibly small with each one measuring less than 100µm – thinner than a human hair!

Our Design

  • Custom coverlens
  • Backlight enhancement
  • Films and filters
  • Optical Bonding
  • Touch Choice
  • Hardware Design
  • Software Development
  • Mechanical Integration
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