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A medical challenge solved with engineering expertise


May 01, 2019

Spring has sprung, so it’s time for the annual office clean-out. Those Christmas cards you meant to take home, those pens that don’t work but for some reason you’ve kept - these items you toss in the “circular filing cabinet,” the bin. Then, at the very back of your top drawer, you pull out your cumbersome Rolodex. Once upon a time, this was your company's lifeblood. Now in our digital age, it’s trash. Or is it?

In the 1960’s, Anders began to do business with Howard Clarke, the founder of Morgan Innovation and Technology (Morgan IAT), when he was Chief Installations Officer for the British Irons and Steel Association, and Anders was just a metering and controls business. Now, Howard is the Chairman of Morgan IAT, and Anders has evolved into a leading embedded and LCD technology company.

Medical device moving from mechanical controls to sophisticated touchscreen

Morgan IAT designs, develops, and manufactures innovative products for the medical market. Their next generation of non-intrusive medical device equipment had a requirement to phase out mechanical controls and move towards a more sophisticated touchscreen. From the beginning, Howard and the team at Morgan IAT recognised that whilst they hold specialist knowledge within the market that they serve, embedded and LCD technology requires its own high level of engineering aptitude.

Fully aware of Anders’ evolution from meters and controls to full production lifecycle services across the supply chain for ‘generation touch’ e.g. engineering, design, development, manufacture, and delivery, the team at Morgan IAT knew that the answer to their developmental challenge could exist within the expertise offered at Anders.

Initially commissioned to design the touchscreen TFT display and embedded solution, Anders met this challenge and could have stopped there. But they went beyond expectations, introducing Morgan IAT to alternative glass solutions that they were not aware of. By offering a seamless, single clean surface over the entire unit, with added strengthening properties, the benefits of this solution clearly outclassed any alternatives. Since cleanliness is critical within the medical market, as is product robustness, this solution was implemented and is now part of the final design.

Designing for medical compliance

As the design for compliance is part of the Anders service end-to-end portfolio, the team are familiar with the highly regulated, non-intrusive medical market requirements. This is just as well, since during the design process the ESD standard was updated, which meant the Morgan IAT device had to withstand a much higher voltage level than initially anticipated. Anders took ownership and developed a solution for regulatory compliance. This level of added-value service exceeded even the highest expectations of the Morgan IAT team.

Commenting Nigel Clarke, CEO at Morgan Innovation & Technology:

''This proactive consultative approach was incredibly helpful for Morgan IAT. We are a medical device company; therefore, we understand the various regulations e.g. ISO 13485, but Anders specialise in display and touchscreen technology and were able to add their specialist bespoke engineering approach, looking at how the product is going to interact and combine with the environment where it will be applied.

So the next time you go to throw out that Rolodex, think twice. Make sure that you’ve loaded all those valuable contacts into your email address book. You just never know, even fifty years from now, how valuable your contact network could be. After all, as they say, it’s not what you know, but who you know. And now you know Anders.

Anders, the people behind the screen.

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