Success is built by the people you surround yourself with and we are very proud of our people here at Anders Electronics. With a wealth of experience in the electronics industry, you really are in safe hands!

Christian Madella

Engineering Team Lead

Andy Board

Mechanical Engineer

Ivan Boricsok

Quality Engineer

Chris Duffen

Sales Engineer

Tony Allridge

Southern European Sales Manager

Andrea Ju-Pierre

Internal Sales coordinator

Lee O'Toole

Marketing Communications Manager

Paul Mullen

General Manager/Board Director

Mike Logan

Display and Input Technology Manager

Maxime Fazilleau

Applications & Product Engineer

Jihye Kim

Quality Engineer

David Roberts

Sales Engineer

Margaret Kato

Head of Operations

Katja Neuhaus

Key Accounts Manager

Gabriella Losito

Marketing Executive

Bernard Lim

Chair of the Board

Liem Tran

Applications & Development Engineer

Tim Liou

Applications and Development Engineer

Paul Hooper

Group Sales Manager

Rhett Evans

Sales Engineer

Alison Gower

Internal Sales Manager

Rosaria Mastandrea

Internal Sales coordinator

Paul Kidner

Finance Director

Behind the scenes

Tim Liou

Applications and Development Engineer

Yu-Ting, otherwise known as Tim, joined us in April 2018 as application and development engineer, and as a Mandarin speaker, he works closely with our Manufacturing Partners to aid the technical integration of our embedded display solutions. Specialising in hardware design and schematics, he helps our customers design a motherboard truly fit for purpose.

He originates from Taiwan and arrived in London in September 2017 with a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering and past experience at ASUS where he spent 4 years as an electronics engineer.

Away from his passion for technology, he is a keen sportsman - badminton, cycling and snowboarding to name just some of his hobbies!


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