Vishwas Bhukal

Quality System Engineer

The Anders business has grown rapidly within the Systems Engineering division and with that comes the need for 100% quality we pledge to our customers. Vishwas Bhukal leads the provision of high-quality products and services for Anders through the development and execution of an overall quality system.

With an extensive career in quality engineering and management, business development and maintenance of medical devices Vishwas has worked with some of the most reputed organisations in global healthcare.

At Anders, Vishwas is single-mindedly focused on ensuring the utmost quality in design, validation, and verification processes throughout the product life cycle from development engineering assisting customer integration, production ramp up and obsolescence.

Describing himself as a “doer” and someone who loves to work with people, Vishwas has the firm belief that continuous improvement is the key to success, guided by the “Go Gemba” philosophy, literally translated as the place where the real work happens!