Katja Neuhaus

Customer Success Manager, Europe

Meet Katja, our Customer Success Manager for Europe. Katja helps us to keep close to our customers from their onboarding experience, throughout the entire business lifecycle journey. 

She does this with passion and flair. Katja is dedicated to delivering value by helping our customers to achieve their desired outcomes, utilising our products and services to their full potential. But, what Katja is really good at, is developing and building long lasting relationships which enables our customers to achieve optimum success in their markets.

"I like to start with a strong coffee and a quick catch-up with colleagues in Asia and EU. Our systems are designed to talk to one another across our Anders locations for effective communication and cross network data to be captured consistently. It is important to be aware of our customer’s time-zones, customs, cultures, and ways of working, to be able to adapt myself to their individual needs. There is no reason why we can’t do business with customers anywhere in the world, we just take this into account with our daily planning."

Outside work Katja enjoys the vibrant multicultural cuisine available in London, as well as the live music and theatre scene. She practices yoga regularly and is always excited about travelling around the world.