David Souch

Warehouse Supervisor

David may well be one of our supply chain heroes. With over thirty years of experience in warehouse procedures and stock control, he is naturally very methodical and conscientious, and his warehouse is typically in tiptop condition.

Friendly, positive and forward thinking, his attention to detail and accuracy is unmatched, and nothing leaves the warehouse without David’s eagle eye ensuring that it is packaged perfectly.

When the pandemic struck, David happened to be the only person working in the office continuously, managing and updating all warehouse deliveries right through the crisis. Since he was thoroughly prepared, he was up to the challenge of a global disaster that shook every aspect of supply and delivery. David was proud of the fact that, despite the many threats COVID-19 posed to the supply chain, he was able to keep his UK clients supplied with no disruptions.

Thank you to David for providing an inspirational template for the new alliance, and for proving the point yet again that People Make Anders.