Ken Tsang

Engineering Intern

Introducing Ken Tsang, our newest addition to the Anders team as our Engineering Intern! Ken is a second-year undergraduate student with a deep passion for Artificial Intelligence. His academic journey has seen him diving into the intricacies of Bayesian networks, neural networks, and mastering object-oriented programming.

At Anders, Ken's role is geared towards encouraging the use of our products through high-quality technical development and top-notch support services. Ken brings a keen interest in developing software and a hunger for expanding his knowledge in hardware technologies.

Ken is not just a student; he's a driven and collaborative team member, always eager to explore new horizons. His curiosity fuels his quest for knowledge, and his passion for technology shines through in his work.

We're excited to have Ken on board as he embarks on this hands-on journey, combining his software development skills with hardware expertise to contribute to our innovative solutions!