Margaret Kato

Head of Global Operations

The supply chain and quality control are two principle functions within any organisation.

Anders pride themselves on streamlining and simplifying the supply chain process to reduce disruption and delay. In her expansive role, Margaret oversees the company’s extensive supply chain, with an eye toward streamlining and simplifying the process to reduce disruption and delay. From their base in Oxfordshire, Margaret’s team has complete visibility for traceability and transparency over; component sourcing, supplier relations, manufacturing, and distribution, throughout all of their primary locations of Europe and partnership network in Asia.

Margaret believes that the key to Anders' success has been in building long-term, sustainable relations throughout the entire supply chain to support the full production lifecycle, from design, to engineering, to development, to distribution. This she states, keep Anders out in front, as the people behind the screen.

As the company expands, Margaret leads the global supply chain team in creating a broader, enhanced supply chain to Anders business partners, enhancing quality across market segments and form a resilient supply chain that serves the needs of all customers.