Adilson Jacob

Applications & Development Engineer

What does an Applications and Development Engineer do? Well, you start by having a genuine passion for electronic engineering and embedded design.

What does genuine passion look like?
“I invest a lot of my spare time in personal development whether it is designing a PCB layout for a new power amplifier circuit using Altium designer, taking Embedded Systems online courses from EDX, or exploring the potential of an SBC (Single Board Computer) such as Raspberry Pi.”

What does being an engineer in a company like Anders look like?
“Anders is a great company to work for. They gave me an amazing opportunity to explore and dive into the world of embedded design. They invest in people and take their personal development and aspirations seriously. They also take pride in delivering impeccable customer service to their clients.The environment is very friendly and multicultural.

Everyone is just happy to do what they do, which creates a very stimulating and enjoyable working environment.”