Don't take touch for granted


Oct 19, 2020

Touch has become an incredibly intuitive way for people to interact with high-tech devices. In just a few short years after the first smartphones hit the shelves, it seems the whole world is happily tapping, swiping, pinching and flicking on phones and tablets, in stores, at work, and on the road.

We expect every response to be precise and instant. As cool and glassy smooth as the surface of the device itself.

industrial touch product operated with gloves

The interactions between the display and the touch controller are critical to ensuring a great touch experience for the user. It’s probably fair to say that most projects consider the touch display before the controller.

What is Touch IC?

Within your touchscreen technology there is an integrated circuit called a Touch IC (Integrated Circuit) which converts an input signal (finger or other touch on a surface) into a measurable touch positions on the screen.

Why is Selecting the Right Kind of IC Touch Important?

When our customers are in the design, NPI, and prototype stage of product development, this is when our in-house team of expert engineers work with them to ensure that they have taken their IC Touch options into consideration.

No One Shoe Size Fits All

Selecting the right IC Touch to enhance your products performance cannot be a generic process. It needs to be as individual as each of our customers are and tailored to their particular products application needs.

And, this level of service doesn’t cost the earth. It is certainly not as costly as;

  • Selecting the wrong IC Touch
  • Starting the whole design process again
  • Failing EMC testing
various type of touch IC

Regretfully, we see customers who come to Anders after this final point, to take corrective action. In all instances they have actually added cost by;

  • Extending their development time
  • Doubling resources and investing twice
  • Not entering the market as quickly as intended

The personal approach

Understanding what our customer needs their touchscreen technology to do, will enable us to advise them on what steps they need to take to ensure that their product is fit for function. We appreciate that ‘personal service’ can often be perceived as costly, which is why people often don’t explore this option.

However, customers of Anders often get a pleasant surprise as we take part in this level of due diligence/consultancy from the outset to avoid the risks that taking a generic approach can bring. Our specialist engineers take a consultative approach to understand what our customers need and want their product to do.

various touch ic type

We ask them to tell us about;

  • The environment in which their touchscreen technology will sit e.g. indoors or outdoors
  • The market segment that they will operate within e.g. home appliance, utility, automotive, marine, or medical etc, taking the various levels of compliance these markets must perform to into account
  • The performance or output that they will require their product to function to e.g. how many users per minute, hour, day, foot traffic etc or efficiency, high definition, power consumption etc

Our in-house engineers are here to help to ensure an optimal touch performance for your LCD display. We can help you select the best option, depending on your chosen display size and touch points requirements, including the latest industrial grade touch ICs supporting gloves input and anti-noise capability.

Selecting the right IC is fundamental to success from the outset. Get it right from the beginning as addressing mistakes during the production lifecycle are costly.

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