Industrial control systems and instrumentation are often used in very challenging environments and need to be extremely robust and reliable. Quite often these products need to comply with increasingly complex industry requirements. In a landscape this diverse, you need a design partner who understands the unique needs of your market.

Our Industrial Design Expertise

Industrial display solutions are designed with the environment in mind. From extremely hot or cold temperatures, water or steam, through to risk of vandalism. With extensive design and development expertise, we can help you with your industrial equipment product design challenges, including:

Optimum Display Readability:

  • Display readability is often a critical design factor for industrial equipment, especially when integrated in large process control equipment with operators reading the display from acute angles, and choosing the most suitable colour or monochrome display technology to achieve the optimum readability is key.
  • Optimising the clarity and viewability of your user interface can be carried out including backlight enhancement or the adoption of a specific filter to reduce glare and reflection using our coverlens service

Rugged Design:

  • Industrial equipment is often exposed to harsh environments requiring a highly reliable and rugged design. By selecting automotive grade components (such as the display polariser and controller IC) as well as extended temperature range products we can help you achieve a more robust solution for  longer life.
  • Outdoor industrial instrumentation may require a high level of resistance from external hazards. We can improve the mechanical strength of your display by optically bonding the display, which also improves the appearance and readability,  and choosing enhanced glass strengths and thickness.

Embedded Design Challenges:

  • Industrial automation systems often require quick response time to preserve continuity of industrial operations. We can guide thought the optimum CPU system ensuring fast processing performance and 24/7 functionality.
  • Real time monitoring is critical in modern smart industrial equipment, requiring optimised I/O functionality including WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G or 4G data communication protocol – read more about our motherboard customisation services.
  • EMI levels within a factory environment may be very high, with industrial machinery itself proving a significant source of interference, potentially causing equipment malfunctions and failure. EMI shielding as well as optimum selection of the IC can be carried out by our engineers to ensure a comprehensive EMI immune design.

Designing the best solution for your application

A partnership with Anders can revolutionise the user interface of your next project

Successful Customer Journey

A handheld marine embedded display with colour touchscreen and mechanical integrationFrom HMI industrial controllers to handheld environmental analysis instrumentation, we've enabled design engineering teams to develop state-of-the-art electronic industrial equipment using our display and embedded solutions. When approached by a manufacturing leader in environmental sensing instrumentation with the challenge of delivering a rugged solution ensuring high readability as well as a powerful processor for their market leading product, we rose to the challenge.

Our team of display experts designed a fully bespoke HMI solution from the display to the motherboard. For the display itself, we designed a display with custom coverlens and backlight housing ensuring a rugged design as well as enhanced readability. On the embedded design, we recommended a processor based on a recently launched, high performance core and designed an optimised PCB layout to fit the mechanical design. In addition, this core benefitted from an adapted BSP to ensure that it 100% support of the integrated display.

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