Unlock Flexibility with the IOT-DIN-iMX8PLUS Gateway


by Sakshi

Jun 24, 2024

In the dynamic world of industrial IoT, the IOT-DIN-iMX8PLUS Gateway, powered by NXP’s iMX8M-Plus System-on-Chip, combines unparalleled modularity, global connectivity, and a lightweight design, transforming how industries manage connectivity and data processing.

The quad-core Cortex-A53 processor at 1.8 GHz, combined with a Cortex-M7 core at 800 MHz, delivers high performance and low latency essential for industrial automation and control. 

The SoC (System on Chip) ensures seamless connectivity, real-time data processing, and robust security features, making it ideal for various IIoT applications, from smart factories to complex automation systems.

Unmatched Modularity

The standout feature of the IOT-DIN-iMX8PLUS is its stackable I/O expansion modules. Whether you need additional digital I/O, serial interfaces, or WiFi/BT the gateway allows up to 8 I/O modules, for unprecedented flexibility, ensuring your system can grow and adapt to meet evolving requirements. The practical DIN rail design facilitates easy and secure mounting.

Global Connectivity

Supporting worldwide LTE connectivity, this gateway can be deployed across multiple regions without compatibility issues, streamlining operations and reducing logistical complexities.

Industrial Protocols

The IOT-DIN-iMX8PLUS supports critical industrial protocols like CAN and RS-485, facilitating reliable communication and interoperability, enhancing versatility in various applications.

Software and Security

Compatible with Linux-based operating systems, the gateway offers flexibility with a wide range of industrial software ecosystems. Advanced security features, including hardware root of trust, secure boot, and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), ensure robust protection against unauthorised access and maintain the integrity of critical data and processes.

Lightweight and Durable Design

Crafted from high-endurance ABS/PC material, the IOT-DIN-iMX8PLUS weighs just 220 grams. Despite its lightweight, it offers durable performance in challenging industrial environments.

Versatile Applications

Predictive Maintenance

Monitor HVAC systems, production machinery, and conveyor systems to prevent downtime.

Building Automation

Efficiently manage security, lighting, occupancy, and energy consumption in smart buildings.

Energy Management

Facilitates smart grid applications, renewable energy integration, and efficient energy usage monitoring.

Industrial Control

Automate processes, control safety sensors, and acquire remote data.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor air and water quality, soil conditions, and traffic.


Enhance soil and crop health, manage livestock, and monitor smart greenhouses remotely.

Why Choose the IOT-DIN-iMX8PLUS?

Engineered for those demanding the best in industrial IoT, its robust features, advanced connectivity, and modular capabilities make it a cornerstone for modern industrial solutions. Enhance productivity, ensure safety, and improve efficiency with the IOT-DIN-iMX8PLUS Gateway.

Anders have vast experience in a wide range of industries, selecting the right configurations to ensure optimum operation even in hazardous environments. We have expertise in designing with safety, longevity and compliance in mind.