Versatile STN/FSTN LCD displays offer low
cost solutions for industrial applications

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Highly reliable and versatile Monochrome LCD displays are continually evolving and offer low cost solutions with completely flexible designs - ideal for industrial and smart metering applications.

  • Simple integration
  • Long term availability
  • Technologies including FSTN, STN, DSTN and many more
  • With or without touchscreens

Working with you from the very beginning of your project, you can choose to optimise your coverlens, touchscreen or backlight to ensure your product is truly fit for purpose.

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Upgrading to a colour display

While monochrome STN LCD displays are acceptable, colour graphic displays are becoming more expected in most non-consumer applications and the price point for small displays is surprising close. Upgrading to a colour TFT display is much lower cost than you would imagine.

The benefits of the improved visual appearance more than justify the small additional cost and Anders can support you with the interface and mechanical design. If the display needs to fit an existing case aperture, Anders can provide a full custom display or modify the standard module using our cut-down TFT service and design a bezel or housing to create a perfect fit.

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Ideal markets for STN/FSTN LCD Displays

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Your Display

Putting your own stamp on your product is more than a logo on the start-up screen. Discover how we can help you design a unique display solution with our customisation services:

  • Custom coverlens
  • Backlight enhancement
  • Antimicrobial Coating
  • Films and filters
  • Optical bonding
  • Touch choice
  • Display mounting integration
  • EMC filtering
Design Services

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We aim to offer reliable and long-term solutions to our B2B customers. If you would like to discuss your display and/or embedded system requirements please contact us below.