Mono Displays accepted, Colour Displays expected.


Nov 09, 2017

Customised colour graphics modules offer a very economic alternative to designers who want to update their front panel. We do the hard work, so that all the customer needs to do is think about the content on the display. This can be kept simple to minimise programming effort, or be more advanced making full use of the graphics features of this module.

Colour TFT displays offer wider viewing angles, improved readability and much more flexibility for presenting information than traditional STN monochrome displays. A standard 2.8” colour QVGA module is priced at a premium of just 10% more than an equivalent mono solution.

The benefits of the improved visual appearance more than justify the small additional cost and Anders can support you with the interface and mechanical design. If the display needs to fit an existing case aperture, Anders can provide a full custom display or modify the standard module using our cut-down TFT service and design a bezel or housing to create a perfect fit.

We can adapt the modules further by adding capacitive touch, which can be optionally supplied with scratch resistant or anti-reflective coatings. The Anders 2.8” QVGA modules are also available with backlight enhancement.

Mono displays have all but disappeared from the volume consumer electronics domain and industrial applications are following suit. Appearance sells, even in professional electronics, and a colour display is a powerful sales tool especially against competition that hasn’t upgraded yet.

With Anders design team on hand to help with the interface and mechanical design, there is no reason not to check out the benefits of a colour display. Contact us today