The once simple world of residential and commercial gas and energy consumption has ever increasing user expectation of smart management through internet connectivity. Understanding the desired user experience and environment of your utility and smart metering product design is imperative for us to help you develop a solution truly fit for purpose.

Our Metering Design Expertise

Smart Metering Display Solutions should be easily readable in any ambient light, offer low power consumption and low unit costs, while still being easy to use by the operator. With extensive design and development expertise, we can help you with your utility and smart metering product design challenges, including:

Optimum Display Readability: 

  • Utility and Smart Metering devices may be exposed to either very bright or dark light conditions, especially when installed outdoors. We can help you select the most suitable colour or monochrome display for optimum readability even in the most challenging environment.
  • The display alone may not provide the high clarity and viewability you desire, so we can guide you through additional optimisationincluding backlight enhancement or the adoption of a specific filter to reduce glare and reflection using our coverlens service

High product reliability:

  • Utility metering devices are designed to last and therefore long term durability is a critical factor. By selecting automotive grade components (such us the polariser and controller IC) we will help you achieve a design delivering superior longevity.
  • Where your meter is situated will effect EMI levels. Selecting the right components that will ensure a higher immunity to EMI resulting in a reliable system.
  • Temperature fluctuations can adversely affect operation of your metering device. We offer display and embedded components that can cope with wide operating temperature range from -30° to +80° to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

Embedded design challenges:

  • Reliable data collection and real time monitoring is what  smart metering devices are all about. Transferring valuable data out of the home and into the cloud requires CPUs with specific I/O functionality including WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G or 4G data communication protocol – read more about our motherboard customisation services.
  • Metering devices often use segment or alphanumeric displays and are driven by small microcontrollers. But if a more enhanced user experience is needed using a colourful graphic display, we can help you manage the various embedded design trade-offs, using high-quality development tools and our experience in coding sophisticated GUIs. 
A circular smart metering display and a monochrome smart meter with touchscreen.


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Designing the best solution for your application

A partnership with Anders can revolutionise the user interface of your next project

Successful Customer Journey

A 3D diagram of a house using smart metering displays systems.From residential to commercial metering devices we've enabled design engineering teams to develop 

state-of-art electronic metering devices using our display and embedded solutions.

When approached by a leading manufacturer of smart energy metering with the challenge of delivering a solution that would collect and smartly display energy usage information, using a wireless connection (via a Home Area Network), we rolled up our sleeves to create the optimum display solution enabling their products to succeed in the target market. 

Working together, we provided them a custom monochrome LCD with Resistive Touch Panel to ensure a smooth and simple navigation for the user. The high contrast display included an enhanced backlight for visibility in either low or high ambient light conditions.

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