A Day in the Life of Katja Neuhaus


Feb 21, 2022

Customer Success is what makes us happy at Anders and we have a team that ensures just that. 

Meet Katja, our Customer Success Manager for Europe.  Katja helps us to keep close to our customers from their onboarding experience, throughout the entire business lifecycle journey.  She does this with passion and flair.  Katja is dedicated to delivering value by helping our customers to achieve their desired outcomes, utilising our products and services to their full potential.  But, what Katja is really good at, is developing and building long lasting relationships which enables our customers to achieve optimum success in their markets.

In Katja's own words

I have been with Anders for over 20-years working in various roles within Sales and Operations. I am originally from Germany and have naturally gravitated towards supporting customers based in DACH countries (Germany, Austria & Switzerland), enabling me to learn local customer requirements whilst handling supply chain and logistics activities. The expansion of the Anders global footprint over the years, has given me the opportunity to be actively involved in setting up our Logistics Hub in Hong Kong and the Netherlands whilst mentoring colleagues and optimising our customer services. Right through to today, I am very proud of helping our European customers to succeed globally.

My key areas of expertise are learning about customer goals, onboarding new customers, building, and maintaining client relationships, supply chain management, effective communication, using my negotiation and problem-solving skills, and maintaining our systems accurately to help customers achieve their goals throughout the business lifecycle.

Katja Neuhaus is our Customer Success Manager for Europe

I really enjoy onboarding new customers and continue providing support throughout the lifetime of the relationship, working closely with the Account Manager, hosting online meetings with various stakeholders to ensure our projects are meeting our customer’s requirements. I am passionate about new technologies and excited to learn how customers are developing new products that will change our society in the future. Many of my customers handle multiple projects consecutively and operate from multiple locations, which essentially means, regardless of geography, or how extensive your product portfolio may be, or how complex your project requirements are, I adapt our way of working with stakeholders taking varying cultures and ways of doing business into account.

A not so average day.

This means I must organise and prioritise my work on a day-to-day basis. I like to start with a strong coffee and a quick catch-up with colleagues in Asia and EU before logging into email and our platforms. Our systems are designed to talk to one another across our Anders locations for effective communication and cross network data to be captured consistently. 

Katja Neuhaus at work

It is important to be aware of our customer’s time-zones, customs, cultures, and ways of working, to be able to adapt myself to their individual needs. There is no reason why we can’t do business with customers anywhere in the world, we just take this into account with our daily planning.

At the moment, the electronics industry is facing a global component shortage. Business has become more complex, meaning I spend a lot of my day working with my colleagues in Asia to find solutions to achieve business goals. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to gain experience in supply chain activities over the years, building knowledge and strong long-term relationships with our manufacturing partners and logistics providers, to help me continually identify effective solutions for our customer requirements.

Outside work Katja enjoys the vibrant multicultural cuisine available in London, as well as the live music and theatre scene. She practices yoga regularly and is always excited about travelling around the world. A happy team is a productive team!

Through the years, Anders has learnt that a close collaborative approach works. When you do business with Anders, you’ll find that we have a cosmopolitan culture and diverse background, which enables us to accelerate decision making and optimise our customers successes.

Katja Neuhaus enjoying travelling

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