A Day in the Life of Vina Zhang


Jan 17, 2022

Anders has always had a customer-first approach, it’s not about selling whichever product as a one-off, but taking time to find the right solution. Finding a new customer for Anders is not about fulfilling quick revenue, it is about starting a story and a journey with a customer. All team members in Anders have benefited from taking a global view of the business as the company has expanded its geographical footprint throughout Europe and Asia.

Vina has been part of our team since 2014,  based in our Asia office in Dongguan, and during that time, she has watched not only the company develop and thrive, but has also witnessed the Dongguan area transform into a high-tech electronics centre and the 3rd largest foreign trade centre in China.

Meet Vina, learn about her and what a day in her life at Anders looks like.

As Anders has rapidly grown over the years, Vina has been instrumental in establishing our Asia Operationsensuring that we build close partnerships with the right technology leaders and manufacturing partners who will enable our customers to innovate and succeed in their chosen markets.

By having offices across Europe and Asia, our customers can discuss display and embedded project requirements locally, whilst we work in the background, the people behind the screen! And, as part of our team across the globe switch off for the day, it’s the start of the day for others. 

Working across various time zones allow us to be accessible 24/5 to achieve our customers business objectives in a market where speed matters.

Vina Zhang is our Operations Manager for Asia, based in Dongguan City

Vina and the team help Anders to establish effective communications and relationships with the Asian technology leaders, manufacturing partners, service providers, and customers. Our Asia operations is responsible for their dedicated Supply Chain Management, including operations, engineering, and quality teams, working collaborative with partners to continually improve our product portfolio and service offering to our customers.

Vina ensures everything related to Asia operations runs smoothly, by managing the team and coordinating activities with partners in Asia, colleagues in UK, and EU, and customers based in ASEAN countries.

As our Anders business has evolved over the years, Vina’s sales and manufacturing background has helped her to continue to learn, as she’s obtained the necessary qualifications required to transition into supply chain management and lead our Asia team.

Vina Zhang in our Anders Asia office

In the pre-pandemic world, many of our customers would visit our manufacturing facilities in Asia and benefitted greatly from have a true hands-on experience. In our current climate, we have adapted to virtual audits, whilst our local team members are still able to visit manufacturers on site to help expedite the projects requirements. Vina leads these activities and manages our Asia Supply Chain requirements, working closely with the team in the UK and Europe to achieve a common goal, our customers’ success.

It's not all about work in Dongguan. We put in the hard work and hours, but we also have fun, and this is important. It reflects in our culture. 

A happy team is a productive team!

Get in touch to discuss your supply chain requirements and we'll be happy to help!

Vina Zhang with our Anders Asia team

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