Scope of solutions brings differentiation


Feb 06, 2019

In our second blog in a series of three discussing what makes Anders a ‘Product Fulfilment Company’ (PFC), we turn our attention to ‘scope’ and how our scope of solutions and services differentiates us from others in the embedded and LCD display technology industry.

What is scope?

For most, manufacturing scope is a linear value, following the product from an idea to the final concept with the customer.

For Anders, scope means production lifecycle end-to-end services, from innovation to engineering, to design, to development, to delivery across the globe, with precision built-in at every point. But instead of a simple linear process, Anders examines scope in three dimensions, examining all aspects from different perspectives.

Strategic Scope

In an efficient supply chain network, products move smoothly from design, through development, to delivery—and beyond. Anders’ has the vantage point to be able to see the supply chain from multiple points of view, including how future events might impact component sourcing, for example, giving us the ability to advance our customers’ products beyond the norm, with zero disruption to their production agenda.


At Anders, we work from concept design right through to development and production. We have become an integrated part of our customers business as the ‘ embedded display experts’. Typically, our customer has a conceptual idea as to what they want to do with their product, and they will bring us into the conversation as the experts in display design to explore their options guaranteeing that their design is application specific. This means, that our customers don’t have to invest in internal resources to refine the design and/or research the technology that will work to meet application criteria, as we do that for them.


Most of our product designs are custom. We will go on the journey with our customers to make sure that the design we create is right for the application. Once we’ve finalised the design, we are also responsible for continuing the journey through our manufacturing partners. We know about LCD Displays and we know about manufacturing, so our customers don’t have to. It’s far easier to go overseas with Anders as your host, to ensure you get to the right place, and meet the right people, with an open book/transparent experience. We take a lot of the pain of working overseas away and provide local, accessible expertise from a UK base. We act local, but we are truly global.


The common UK distribution model within our industry is to buy the product and to sell it on, however, at Anders, we go beyond this, to differentiate the product via customisation. Our approach to the market differs as we are looking to work with the customer, collaborate and help to develop a product that will differentiate the end product in the market that makes it best in class. To do so involves elevating the level of play beyond the usual linear game many providers are used to.

Our Anders logistical expertise provides our customer with world-class supply chain network focussed on driving efficiency as we offer a completely transparent service across all touchpoints and utilise robust industry leading quality processes to empower organisations like yours to achieve cost efficiencies, speed time to market and improve customer experiences.

So, as you discuss scope, ensure that your service provider offers a scope of services and solutions that truly fit your actual needs and future requirements. While many providers are content to play checkers – Anders is playing three-dimensional chess!