Our services differentiate your display & embedded design

Forward thinking companies quite rightly want to put their own stamp on their products, and that is more than a logo on the start-up screen. From the aesthetic look of the product to the ease of operation, our engineers can help with optical performance right through to mechanical integration to make sure you get a solution truly fit for purpose

Our aim is to deliver a display and embeeded solutions on timeon budget and exceeding your design goals. Learn more about our client lead design journey here.


Optical Performance

We have a wealth of experience in providing you with the best optical solution incuding:

  • Helping you select the best display technology
  • Producing stunning custom coverlens solutions 
  • Enhancing display readability with optical bonding, films and filters
  • Optimising the backlight design to achieve best readability

Touch and firmware tuning

Advances in touchscreen technology mean that you can have a world of information and services at the touch of your finger. Both resistive and capacitive touch can be customised to your application:

  • Single or multitouch
  • Firmware tuning to suit your application
  • Optimising for gloved hands/water rejection/false touch etc

Hardware design

We can design a custom PCB to match your application and product size. Our services include:

  • Custom I/O functionality
  • BSP support
  • Choice of CPU
  • Custom memory configuration

Software development

We can play a strong supporting role with the associated embedded display software development. Whether it’s Linux or Windows, our engineers are on hand to give you advice and assistance with:

  • display initialisation
  • porting (touch) drivers
  • enabling hardware control and more

Mechanical Integration

Depending on the complexity of your system, our engineers will develop display and/or embedded solutions mechanically integrated with your product design, including a mechanical enclosure or housing if required.

Our engineers can also help with considerations such as environmental sealing and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). 

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We aim to offer reliable and long-term solutions to our B2B customers. If you are a business and would like to discuss your display and/or embedded system requirements please contact us below:

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