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What is a PMOLED Display?

Passive Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (PMOLED) displays are truly emissive displays; they generate their own light instead of modulating and filtering the light provided by a single, common source. The appearance and performance of PMOLED modules are two compelling reasons to switch from an STN monochrome display, and as volumes have grown prices have come down dramatically.

  • High contrast displays with cool crisp icons
  • Ultra thin design as there is no backlight
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide viewing angles

The perfect monochrome display?

The PMOLED display modules offer very low power consumption as only pixels use power when on. They are extremely bright and have very crisp displays that are available as black on white or white on black; both with higher contrast ratios than STN and wider viewing angles. When not in use the screens continue to impress as they look extremely sleek and have a completely black appearance.

If you’re currently using FSTN in your design, you’ll find PMOLED modules are comparable in price. Our manufacturing partners have invested in the technology and capacity to cope with demand. Another great advantage is that the drive electronics are very similar and can be the same in some cases, so that only minimal redesign is required to make the switch.


What is the difference between AMOLED and PMOLED

AMOLEDs use TFT technology to implement their active pixel addressing scheme, which sets them apart from their passive matrix cousins (PMOLED). Both types generate light through the all-important emissive electroluminescent layer, formed from a thin layer of organic compound, but PMOLEDs use a simpler ‘row/column’ pixel addressing scheme inherited from earlier LCD designs, which imposes the need for refresh rates high enough to maintain acceptable image persistence.

Comparing AMOLED and PMOLED

Make your PMOLED display even better

As with all our displays, a variety of customisation options are available to bring you a unique design that meets your application requirements and satisfies environmental challenges, including:

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antimicrobial coating for pmoled displats

Ideal markets for PMOLED displays

Our PMOLED Displays

See below our range of PMOLED Displays with sizes ranging from 0.91" to 2.8". If you are looking for something not currently available in the below listing, we would be happy to still help find the solution you're looking for, as not all our products are included on the catalogue.

All our displays can be tailored to suit your application with our Design Services, from optical performance enhancements and antimicrobial coating technology, right through to mechanical integration. Get in touch with our team for information about samples and pricing.

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Putting your own stamp on your product is more than a logo on the start-up screen. Discover how we can help you design a unique display solution with our customisation services:

  • Custom coverlens
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Films and filters
  • Optical bonding
  • Touch choice
  • Display mounting integration
  • EMC filtering

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