Flying the flag for Generation Touch at Medica '21


Nov 15, 2021

Anders Back on the Road Again

Our Senior Account Manager for Europe, Tony Allridge, and Business Manager for Embedded, Rhett Evans are both excited to leave the comfort of their home offices to venture into the world of events and exhibitions once more. They will do this by kicking off on the 15th of November with Medica (

Our entire team at Anders have missed doing business face-to-face and look forward to the opportunity to do this again, albeit with masks in place. One of Anders main business principles is to ‘make business easy’, and you may have read about this through their peer-to-peer’ model

Anders will be present at Medica 2021 in Dusseldorf

And nothing makes business simpler and more pleasurable than that chance to meet, grab a coffee, and chat through the challenges presented, and the proposed Anders solutions for a happy outcome. Clear, concise communication, that injects speed from seed to scale.

About Medica

Medica is the largest medical technology event displaying world-class laboratory equipment, electromedical equipment, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals and takes place in Dusseldorf every year welcoming exhibitors and visitors from around the world.

Why is Medica a Strategic Fit for Anders?

The global pandemic has had a dramatic effect on healthcare and has pushed the innovation barriers in this market segment like no other. We have witnessed significant investment from leading brand names in MedTech, through to start-ups becoming pioneering leaders, as their technology has been embraced and adopted by the masses.

COVID-19 accelerated the execution of digital healthcare and as such, we take a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach to innovation and solving the challenges of our customers.

Medtech device display

We are working toward one goal: to be the most technologically advanced and trusted healthcare display product, and associated solutions provider. Through our experience and expertise, we will enable our global B2B customers to differentiate and succeed in the medical marketplace.

To do this, Anders has an objective to raise awareness of their capabilities and competencies within the industry.

How Does Anders Influence the Medical Market?

The medical environment is quite rightly rigorous and demanding, requiring display and embedded solutions that are accessible and safe to use. At Anders, we have worked on hundreds of medical designs solving various design challenges.​

A Market in Continuous Growth

If you’re into developing products that shape the future of healthcare, Anders can help ensure that you enhance your medical product via a collaborative approach to deliver an innovative integrated touchscreen solution.

For over 20 years Anders have been active in the medical market, developing and engineering interfaces for medical devices.

From hospital and clinical diagnostic machines to personal and wearable medical devices, our display and embedded solutions enable our medical customers to focus on their next generation of medical products as we focus on their product design, engineering, development, manufacturing, and distribution, with all compliance, and documentation covered.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing), will continue to speed up innovation in healthcare, and we at Anders are looking forward to continuing to develop solution to enrich the lives of an ageing population who require simple and digitalised assisted living solutions whether that be in their home, a care home, or a hospital environment. Modernisation will continue and Anders are excited to lead the way through our value-added services.

What are the Common Challenges our Healthcare Customers Face?

  • Touchscreen technology, how can I avoid the spread of infections?
  • How can I make my medical display readable in adverse situations?
  • How can I achieve optimum display performance?
  • How important is EMI for Medical?
  • How can I achieve a reliable touch design?
  • How can I get a fast medical system?

Learn more here how we have helped our medical customers solve these challenges. 

What our Medical Customers Say

Nigel Clarke, CEO, Morgan Innovation & Technology

“Anders' proactive consultative approach was incredibly helpful for Morgan IAT. We are a medical device company; therefore, we understand the various regulations e.g., ISO 13485, but Anders specialise in display and touchscreen technology and were able to add their specialist bespoke engineering approach, looking at how the product is going to interact and combine with the environment where it will be applied.”

Rhett and Tony will be on hand at Medica to answer questions like these, and the many more that MedTech customers may have, they are looking forward to seeing you there!

Rhett Evans - Business Manager Embedded
Tony Allridge - Senior Account Manager Europe