Striving for the perfect Monochrome Display

Striving for the perfect Monochrome DisplayAt Anders, we are seeing a rise in the use of PMOLED as a replacement for FSTN Character and Low Resolution Graphics Modules. 

The appearance and performance of PMOLED modules are two compelling reasons to switch, and as volumes have grown prices have come down dramatically.


So what are the advantages of PMOLED?

Firstly, they are much thinner than STN. For example, the circular OLED display has an impressively low profile of just 1.45mm The PMOLED display modules also offer very low power consumption as only pixels use power when on. They are extremely bright and have very crisp displays that are available as black on white or white on black; both with higher contrast ratios than STN and wider viewing angles. When not in use the screens continue to impress as they look extremely sleek and have a completely black appearance.

PMOLED also has much faster response times at lower temperatures than FSTN. For comparable modules, the difference can be as much as 60ms for FSTN compared to 10µS for OLED.

monochrome-OLED-displaysAnders can offer PMOLED display modules in sizes as small as 0.91” (64 x 68) up to 3.37” (240 x 128) as well as a circular OLED version at 1.13” diameter. The latter is especially targeted at wearable electronics, especially in the healthcare and fitness sectors, as well as small home apppliances.

All the PMOLED modules can be customised to match designers’ requirements and we offer full design support to adapt the display to suit the product’s needs including affordable NRE and tooling cost structure. Our display manufacturing partner Truly Semiconductor, have invested heavily in PMOLED production with 2 brand new production lines near completion.

Why switch to PMOLED?

If you’re currently using FSTN in your design, you’ll find PMOLED modules are comparable in price. As mentioned, our manufacturing partners have invested in the technology and capacity to cope with demand. Another great advantage is that the drive electronics are very similar and can be the same in some cases, so that only minimal redesign is required to make the switch.

Tempted? Call the Anders support team to discuss the advantages of switching to PMOLED in detail.

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