Understanding Display Technology: Monochrome


Sep 13, 2018

We all think colour is best right? However Monochrome can be beautiful too. A clearly designed user interface hosted on a monochrome display can be crisp looking, simple and easy to understand and respond quickly to the user’s demands, as well as being lower power, lower cost and easier to integrate software. Surely thats worth considering in your new interface design.

What we cover in this whitepaper:

  • TN-LCD Displays: The start of the user-interface revolution
  • Improved viewing angles with HTN and STN
  • Addressing contrast issues with FSTN, FFSTN, DSTN & ASTN
  • Selecting a TN display for your application
  • Vertical Alignment Displays: True black background
  • PMOLED: Low power and slim design
  • Summary: A quick glance guide to strengths/weaknesses

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